Is dancehall music popular in the US


Dancehall is one of the most prominent forms of reggae that has found great favor with the younger generation. It originated in the late 80s and early 90s as a kind of by-product of reggae. The energetic and hardcore "riddims" capture the lively pop culture from slangs to fashion and dance moves. The experience of local street dances and "dance halls" equipped with high-stacked sound systems and stereo boxes is different from any other entertainment event in the world. Hardcore lyrics, toasted via computer-controlled "riddims", deejay clash (face-offs), sound systems and new dance styles and fashion statements are standard dancehall brands. Deejays' reputation is based on their versatility in rhyming, memorable new phrases and their ability to "ride" the riddim. Popular deejay acts "King" Yellowman, Shabba Ranks, Shaggy, Beenie Man, Buju Banton, Lady Saw, Capleton and Bounty Killa gained fame and became the keepers of the Jamaican hype.

Dancehall is considered to be the forerunner of hip hop music and is a popular choice as the undercurrent of today's top Billboard hits. While easy to spot anywhere on the island, Kingston City has drawn visitors from far and wide eager to learn the latest dance moves with a weekly street dance. If reggae is music for your soul, dancehall is music for your feet.