Why do you play table tennis

The little interview

5 questions to Leonhard Schönian

Age: 12 years
Place of residence: Schöppenstedt
School: OBS Sickte (5th grade, journey time by bus approx. 45 minutes)

1. Why do you play table tennis?

I started playing table tennis in Evessen. Strangely, we only noticed later that there was table tennis in Schöppenstedt too. Then I went to a trial training session with my brother. We liked it immediately. We've been training here ever since. I just enjoy the game! I play table tennis here with a brother Adrian (10 years old). My little sister Amy is still a little small with her 5 years. Besides table tennis, I like to ride my bike, meet friends, sometimes play soccer or Lego. I think English is my favorite at school.

2. What do you like about TSV Schöppenstedt?

I said yes with the tournaments. I also play in a team now. I get along great with the trainer Jana Höfig. My teammates Tom, Luca and Beda are also completely ok. If I'm honest, the away games are a little more fun for me. It's like a little adventure every time. My brother and I also think it's good that there is no great stress during games or training.

3. Do you have sporting goals?

I would like to improve, of course. I feel like I'm getting better and better. I've only played a few games so far, but I've already won. Maybe I'll make it to a higher team next year. But I also know that I have to train hard for that.

4. What kind of racket material do you play?

Both sides of the club are covered with Power 3 Andro. The wood is a TSP award offensive. Sooner or later, however, I'll have to buy a new club. When the time comes, I'll talk to the trainers. We can best say what suits me.

5. Where are your strengths and weaknesses in table tennis?

My favorite shot is with the forehand. The coaches keep preaching that I should move even more. The serve, I think, is now also working quite well. My backhand is - let's say mediocre.