Cedar is as good as treated wood

With the many possible uses of wood, you could easily create your own internet project. So let's just look at a few examples to get an impression of how wood is used.
Paper production and its use as a fuel have already been addressed in the chapter on processing. Here we want to limit ourselves to use in construction, furniture, instruments and special applications.

Building with wood:
Using wood as a building material has a long tradition. Ships, houses and bridges made of wood have been around for thousands of years. The Bible mentions that King Solomon had his house built out of cedar wood. But even today, the raw material wood is an indispensable part of the construction industry. It is resilient and easy to work with. Even the fire resistance speaks for the use of wood. If a wooden beam is exposed to extreme heat, it only loses its strength after 30 - 60 minutes. Comparable steel girders do not burn, but become soft and bend, which can lead to a loss of static strength even earlier. There are now coatings for wooden beams that make them almost fireproof. Wood is used particularly for roof trusses, supporting structures, cladding, fences and much more. Even whole houses are built from wood. Some examples can be seen in the pictures:

Perhaps pieces of furniture are the wood products that most come to mind. A large number of woods are now used for furniture production and there is something for every taste. Inexpensive pieces are mostly made from coniferous woods such as spruce or pine. The spruce in particular occurs in large stands and is so easy to process that it is ideal. Higher quality furniture is more likely to be made of oak, walnut and other hardwoods. The range of wood types used is very long and ranges from maple, beech, alder, rosewood, mahogany, cedar, pine, cherry, etc. to special pieces of teak or bog oak. Often pieces of furniture consist of so-called blind wood (chipboard or plywood) with glued-on veneers. From the outside, the desired look is given and the manufacturing price is low. Manufacturing solid wood furniture is much more complex and therefore the products are also more expensive. Nowadays, furniture is manufactured in large production plants with fully automatic and computer-aided saws and mills. However, there are still furniture makers who make exclusive pieces by hand. A small selection of examples of furniture made from different woods can be seen here:

Special requirements are placed on the construction of instruments so that sound quality and optics also meet high demands. Typical wooden instruments are pianos or grand pianos, string instruments and flutes.
Spruce wood is often used for the construction of string instruments because it has good resonance properties. The wood must have been stored for a long time so that it works very little. In violin making, the woods are examined very carefully before they can actually be used to make a violin. Microscopic recordings of the fibers are made and analyzed, and the acoustic properties are determined. The measure of the quality of a wood is determined, among other things, by the quotient of the speed of sound of the longitudinal waves along and across the grain and the density of the wood. This effort shows how high the demands are. Spruce is also used to build pianos, at least for the soundboard. The outer frame is often made of other woods that have a more elegant look. Flutes are made from pear tree, for example.

Concert grand

Special woods:
For some purposes, such as the use in boat building or for terraces, tropical woods are ideal, some of which are extremely weather-resistant. This resistance is caused by deposits in the heartwood. Examples of such woods are teak (Asia), Bangkirai (Southeast Asia) and Bagassa (Amazon region). Another wood in great demand is bog oak. This is not a species of its own, but an oak that has lain in bogs for a long time. The tannins have combined with metal ions to form complexes that give the wood an enormous hardness. In addition, the bog oak has a characteristically dark, almost black color. Bog oaks are popular for exclusive furniture and cladding of pianos and grand pianos.

A terrace made of Bangkirai boards
Teak garden furniture