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Personal call from Konstantin Wecker for Weckerswelt TV

A life - entirely - without a stage is simply not possible for artists. And so, shortly after the start of this global pandemic, I and my team streamed concerts free of charge for our fans and all friends of poetry and resistance. Live and digital.

It came from the heart and was born in and out of need: We were overwhelmed by the stunning response and the huge interest. In the meantime, over 400,000 people have seen and heard our concerts and video clips.
We called them Poetry & Resistance in Stormy Times.  

We felt the need to let two activists of the “Rheinmetall disarm!” Campaign have their say at our big anti-war concert on Easter Saturday. At our concert on the 75th anniversary of the liberation from German fascism on May 9th, I was able to speak personally to the musician, Holocaust survivor and tireless anti-fascist Esther Bejarano. That made me and us very happy! These experiences have helped bring a long-term idea to life:

Weckerswelt TV
Poetry and Resistance in Stormy Times

We want to stream this new TV format for everyone free of charge on YouTube from 2021. I will make music with colleagues, read poems and give free rein to anarchic thoughts with clever and empathetic guests and guest moderators.

It becomes poetic, human, direct and always critical - just 60 minutes mean Alarm clock world pure: full of songs, poetry, thoughts, well-rehearsed contributions and exciting conversations with passion, anarchy and empathy.

I promise: So I will not stop dreaming of a world that is free of domination and based on solidarity, without patriarchy and with social justice for all people. That remains my motto for our new project as well.
And for this we need your great support once again:

We want our TV magazine to be on YouTube for free at least three times a year for everyone interested Weckerswelt TV stream for you.
With your support, we could manage to remain independent and free of advertising and thus guaranteed to be critical and creative.

With this method we want to do it: is a community platform that enables artists and creatives to turn visions and projects into reality for all interested parties through fixed monthly financial support contributions from their community.

So become part of my community as a Patrons and help us to continue to bring our calling and our passion closer to everyone.

Will please Patrons and supports Weckerswelt TV monthly with a small or larger amount (can of course be canceled at any time). Patreon is a social payment service provider through which artists and creatives regularly receive a self-determined amount of money from their fans and can implement very specific projects for everyone and receive benefits, insights and exclusive additional content via the Patreon website.

Our Patrons enable all interested people, not just supporters, to see our programs. Because we don't want to exclude anyone and therefore don't charge digital admission fees.

Here you get all the information and can a patron become:

If that is too complicated for you, you can of course also support us in the traditional way (information at

Thank you for your support, I'm looking forward to our first broadcast in 2021!

Your Constantine

Weckerswelt TV
Poetry and Resistance in Stormy Times

streamed & free for everyone


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