Freelance personal training is worthwhile

Self-employed as a fitness trainer

How do you become self-employed as a fitness trainer?

For many people, sport is also the epitome of freedom. Free to walk where you want. Free to compete against the waves in the open sea or to sculpt your body to your own liking. Many sports enthusiasts would like to maintain this independence in their job and with a high degree of independence Self-determination work. Set up your own business as a fitness trainer and get a little closer to your personal freedom.

Regardless of whether you consciously take this step or whether it was born out of necessity and unemployment, self-employment means a good basis for a career in the growing fitness industry. But what things do you need to consider for your new professional life? If you work independently as a fitness trainer, you have to register this with a tax office. Most authorities classify your activity as based on the following factors self-employed a:

  • You work for several different clients.
  • You are not bound by instructions to them.
  • You carry out your work independently and without guidance.
  • You are not financially dependent on one customer alone.
  • You are considered a highly qualified specialist in your field.

Before you take up your employment, you should contact the person responsible for you Tax office get in touch and clarify these points in a personal conversation. If the tax office does not see you as a freelancer, you need one Businessin order to be able to work independently as a fitness trainer.

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Beware of the danger of Bogus self-employment. If you regularly only work for one customer, are financially dependent on them and do not present yourself on the free market, a court can judge this as pseudo self-employment and classify your partnership as an employer-employee relationship. So make sure you always have a broad customer base and do not focus too much on a single client.

Especially at the beginning of your career as a freelance fitness trainer, you can also benefit from the Small business regulation Make use. This applies to self-employed persons who did not do more than 17.500 € in sales achieved and their forecast sales for the current financial year 50.000 € does not exceed. This regulation has the advantage for you, among other things, that you only submit a simplified income surplus calculation to the tax office, in which you offset your expenses and income against each other.

In addition, you do not need to levy any sales tax on your invoices and accordingly do not have to pay them. It is essential that you provide references to your small business status Paragraph 19 UStG clearly show on the invoice. A professional tax advisor will explain to you whether this regulation is possible and which special features you have to consider.

(1) The sales tax owed for sales within the meaning of Section 1 Paragraph 1 No. 1 is not levied by entrepreneurs who are domiciled in Germany or in the areas specified in Section 1 Paragraph 3 if the sales specified in Clause 2 plus the applicable tax, did not exceed EUR 17,500 in the previous calendar year and is not expected to exceed EUR 50,000 in the current calendar year.UStG § 19 - Taxation of small businesses

How do you generate your customers?

If you have started your own business as a fitness trainer, the next challenge awaits you: building your own Customer base. Of course, you should have a recognized license in the sport that you want to offer. This creates trust among contractors and cooperation partners, but it is not the only success factor for yours reputation. A good network is another important building block that you should not ignore.

Find out about fitness studios in your area, make contacts with trainers and gym managers on site. Even if there are currently no vacancies as a trainer or course leader, it is still worthwhile to be fondly remembered. Just Vacation or sick leave replacements give you good opportunities to get your foot in the door of potential clients. If you convince with your commitment and your skills during this time, nothing will stand in the way of future cooperation.

Every written invoice is valuable, especially at the beginning of your self-employment as a fitness trainer. At the latest when you receive regular inquiries and have a fixed pool of customers, you should rely on one target group as well as focus on an offer. To be the famous "egg-laying woolly milk pig" every day takes strength and does not give you the chance to develop your skills in a targeted manner. Not everyone can be equally good in all areas. So ask yourself where your strengths lie, work on them and step here specifically as expert on. For example, you can focus on the fitness offers as:

  • Self-employed fitness trainer
  • personal trainer
  • Group fitness trainer
  • Athletic trainer
  • Health coach or
  • Health and fitness advisor
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It is also necessary that you define an appropriate target group and advertise it specifically. You will receive assignments as a fitness or group fitness trainer, for example, in classic fitness studios, rehab facilities, sports clubs or wellness facilities. For example, the following target groups could be considered as personal trainers:

  • Hobby and recreational athletes
  • Generation 60+
  • professional athletes
  • Company employees
  • children

Especially for personal trainers is an appealing one Website important. Your potential customers are faced with a wide range of providers on the Internet. Therefore, you shouldn't skimp on a professional website, because it is often seen as a first impression and personal business card. Some personal trainers have come up with training videos and their own YouTube channels discovered a lucrative additional income and thus established himself as a brand in the fitness world.

What do you have to consider as a self-employed fitness trainer?

In addition to legal and financial aspects, which one is best for you in consultation with a Lawyer or one tax consultant clarify, you should also pay attention to some personal things for your self-employed fitness trainer. Having the right licenses, for example, is only one side of the coin. These create trust in your abilities, but are of no use if you cannot convey the knowledge to your customers. Hence, you need in your areas of activity own fitness experienceto share the feeling for the body and give tips on how to do the exercises.

Their communicative services don't stop there, however. For those you train, sport is just as much a piece of freedom and an attitude towards life as it is for you. They would like to exchange ideas with you about this, also discuss private experiences and a emotional attachment build up. This can be daunting at the beginning, but in the end it pays off with loyal and positive customers Word of mouth out. If you take up current fitness trends and further education, find out about them, but also question them a bit, you are well on the way to becoming a successful fitness entrepreneur.