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Candle ritual: the best tips for candle magic

In a candle ritual, of course, the focus is on the candle. It is used to look inside yourself over the flame, which reveals a multitude of possibilities. Wishes can be formulated more clearly in the head and blockages can be resolved. For the ritual you will need various utensils, which of course include a candle.

  • For each ritual you need at least one candle in the color that best describes your current state of mind. Of course, it can be uncolored, for example when the ritual is used for a wish. Make some thought when buying the candle.
  • Candlesticks are important to be able to implement the candle ritual. The candle holder must be stable and have enough space to catch the wax so that the candle can burn down completely. Candles are not extinguished during the ritual.
  • A small wooden skewer, bamboo sticks, or needles are important for carving something into the candle. The ritual is visualized on the candle to support your thoughts.
  • Scented oils are important to support the ritual. These are known as "ritual oils" because they are special mixtures for specific purposes. You can mix these yourself or use individual smells that are of great importance to you.
  • Matches or lighters are also important to light the candle. If you also want to use incense, don't be shy.