Are Bose SoundSport Free wireless headphones waterproof?

Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones


Bose likes to deliver in a large box, in which the product - framed by glossy pictures of sporty people - is immediately set in the desired lifestyle context, and you can immediately feel that more than headphones are being sold here. There is the case, which is the charging and parking station for the earbuds, three pairs of earmolds in S, M, L, documentation and, like a sentimental greeting from a bygone era, a last cable that we need to charge the case. The earbuds are oval shaped made of strong plastic and are sweat and rainproof.

Typical Bose sound?

Expecting to hear the good Bose sound in the completely wireless version, I install the Bose app, as requested by the earplugs when pairing the earplugs for the first time, activate it and can first switch on the location function, which should make lost earbuds traceable, but also later more. Immediately afterwards, the headphones want to be supplied with the latest software, which takes about 45 minutes - that takes. After the update, I finally get around to listening to music, and I'm amazed, because the sound convinces me after just a few bars.

A beautifully wide stereo stage opens and a velvety balanced frequency response lets pleasant bass, fine highs and balanced mids flow into the ears. Mind you: when I switch on the iPhone's internal equalizer! If I do not listen to Apple Music but to a stream from the competition, then the equalizer does not intervene in the sound and the Soundsport Free sound a little flatter and less nuanced at the factory, which is, however, whining at a high level. I am surprised that I do not get any sound presets to choose from within the Bose app, as is part of good sound with the competition. In my opinion, the Americans are welcome to make improvements.

"The Weeknd" by Starboy feat. Daft Punk simmers deep and crisp in my ears and I would like to do some sport now. No cable that bothers you and thanks to the “Stay Hear +” ear inserts, the earbuds sit securely and firmly, although a sufficient amount of outside noise and air can still get into the ear canal - you don't feel completely sealed off and constricted, which is definitely true when you are sweaty is beneficial. With “DNA.” I lift the double dumbbell twice and three times as well, that's how powerful Kendrick Lamar pushes me through the course and the running unit is much faster with Katy Perry in the ear. It is the beat that moves me forward and with which the SoundSport Free get along very well. And even the most intensive work-out won't let the listener loosen up. That's why I give it a high score for fit, comfort and sound! There are deductions in the B rating for the external effect of the earphones, which grow like mushrooms on the left and right of my ears and, thanks to the gorgeous orange of our test device, do not claim to be discreet or reserved.

Remote on the ear

If the player is safely stowed in the sports bag, the most important activities can be controlled thanks to the remote on the right earbud, which is a bit of a hassle at first, because the pressure points of the two volume and the central play / stop / skip / assistance buttons are more waterproof Wrapping very stiff. And if you do not hit it optimally, it can cause one or the other operating error, especially since there is always a certain delay in the command-execution chain via Bluetooth, which especially when volume changes lead to uncontrolled jumps to “too loud” or too “too” quiet ”leads. But you get used to it and as a sporty person you should have enough fingertip strength. You can also make calls with the SoundSport Free and the voice quality does not provoke a reaction like: “Where are you? I cannot understand you very well! ”- on the contrary. The left earphone then has the main switch to switch the SoundSport Free active / inactive. In addition, there is the case, in which the SoundSport Free Earbuds can be pushed into their charging cradles with magnetic support, which Bose says they should fill up completely twice before the case itself becomes power-hungry again. Five LEDs inform about the charge level of the case, which in my opinion is quite large and bulges a standard trouser pocket very much.

Lost and found

If you activate location sharing in the app, it remembers the last location of both the left and right earbuds before the Bluetooth connection was cut. Quite sensible, because it can happen that one of the two falls out of his pocket and remains in the changing room. If you then look in the app, this last location is shown quite precisely on a map. Since the lost earbud can be noticeable with the help of a swelling beep, it is quite realistic and very desirable to find it again, because the Bose SoundSport Free already hit a real gap in the wallet at just under 200 euros, although it is not yet known how much a single one is Replacement headphones should cost. At least some employee statements in the Bose Community sound positive, as a replacement seems to be free during the warranty period. If the charging case is lost, a new one costs around 50 US dollars / 50 euros.