Why doesn't my kettle light up?

First considerations - why doesn't the gas boiler ignite?

If the gas boiler does not ignite, the flame stays off and the water stays cold. Rapid remedial action is required.
First of all, the heating fitter checks whether the basic conditions are in place:

  1. Gas supply
  2. Oxygen supply
  3. Spark

In the first analysis step, the heating technician checks whether there is enough gas and oxygen available so that an ignition should take place. He also controls the gas pressure. A closed gas tap, for example, prevents gas from flowing into the thermal bath; ignition is not possible.
However, the cause can also lie in the absence of an ignition spark. In the first step, the fitter presses the reset button, in some cases the gas boiler then starts as usual. Dirt in the device can also prevent the flame from forming. Most likely, critical components of the thermal bath will be contaminated. The fitter checks whether, for example, the ignition electrode is defective or dirty. The heating fitter cleans the pilot burner, among other things, and checks its function again

Possible causes for a malfunction in the gas boiler

  • The heat exchanger, burner and electrodes are dirty and must be cleaned.
  • Gas valve is defective.
  • The gas tap is not fully open.
  • Burner and ignition bridge are defective.
  • Control electronics defective.
  • Blower defective.

Doing your own repairs to gas boilers is dangerous, a specialist company is necessary. Before you hire a heating fitter, you can try to eliminate the problem by restarting or pressing the reset button. If these measures do not lead to the desired success, a heating technician must examine the gas boiler. In the best case scenario, the problem can be resolved by cleaning and maintaining the thermal bath. With older models in particular, it should be considered whether it makes sense to install a new device in order to save energy costs.