Psychiatrists can prescribe pain medication

Recourse against the doctors

Answer to the question from the lawyer13.01.2020 | 18:01

Thank you for your inquiry & excl;

Yes, it is about the collegial agreement that ultimately serves the safety of the patient - but can create the impression of patronizing with a self-determined and informed patient like you.

The drugs from the group of neuroleptics are - after the antidepressants - the most frequently prescribed psychotropic drugs and are subject to the strict prescription provisions that I have already described.

It is not uncommon for you to be charged € 5 for the permanent transfer of the CD. The billing recommendations of the German Medical Association say:

"Billing for the transfer of a data CD to the patient, e.g. after an MRI examination has been carried out:

For a data CD given at the request of a patient, e.g. B. with data from an MRI examination & rpar; the doctor can demand reimbursement of expenses from the patient. An amount of 5.00 euros is considered appropriate. "

As far as the doctor's letter is concerned, you have the right to have it sent to your family doctor, who must allow you to inspect it in any case & lpar; it's about you & excl; & rpar; and, in fairness, should have a copy made for you. If you do not have a family doctor, then you should ask that you be given the report yourself - however, the doctor can then charge a fee, similar to the non-medically indicated blood test, which is then billed to you as "iGeL", but of course against a proper invoice.

Again, many greetings & excl;