Why does the American military like Trump

US soldiers killed in World War I : Trump is said to have mocked the fallen as "losers" and "idiots"

In a bitter account with Donald Trump, the US magazine "The Atlantic" describes the US President's alleged dealings with US soldiers who died in World War I during a visit to France in 2018.

In the article written by "Atlantic" editor-in-chief Jeffrey Goldberg and published on Thursday, Trump rejected the planned tour to a military cemetery near Paris primarily because he feared that his hairstyle could be "disheveled" in the rain.

The US delegation had officially declared at the time that Trump could not visit the cemetery because his helicopter was not ready to take off due to the weather.

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In addition to this anecdote, the "Atlantic" report is mainly about Trump's remarks about war veterans.

The magazine refers, among other things, to concurring statements from four Trump confidants who are said to have been present in the discussion about the visit.

Trump, who never did military service himself, is said to have said literally: "Why should I visit this cemetery, there are only losers there anyway".

In another conversation that day, he is said to have called the 1,800 fallen marine soldiers who are buried in the Aisne-Marne cemetery "idiots" because they had let themselves be killed.

But it doesn't stop there: According to the "Atlantic" report, Trump revealed historical gaps in knowledge. So he asked his co-workers: "Who were the good guys in this war?" The President did not understand that the US was sending soldiers to Europe to support the Allied French.

Trump angrily rejects the report

The White House called the Atlantic report false, claiming that the allegations were "disgusting, grotesque and reprehensible lies". Trump has the highest respect for the military.

The President himself reacted angrily. "If there are really people who made these claims, they are scum and liars," said the US President, according to the New York Times, when he returned from a campaign meeting.

"I'm ready to swear that I've never said anything like that about our fallen heroes," Trump said. "What animal would say that?"

The "Atlantic" article also describes Trump's dealings with the late Republican Senator John McCain. During the 2016 election campaign, Trump said of one of his biggest internal party critics, who was captured during the Vietnam War and who enjoyed the highest esteem in the United States as a war veteran and politician, that McCain was "not a hero" and: "I like people who don't have been caught ".

The "Atlantic" now says that when McCain died in August 2018, Trump told his employees that the White House would not support "the burial of this loser". McCain is "a bloody loser".

Trump firmly rejected these claims as well. He was "not a big fan of McCain," wrote Trump on Twitter. But he never called him a loser and supported the state funeral for McCain.

He said he had "never called our fallen soldiers anything other than HEROES," continued the US President. The allegations in the "Atlantic" are just more "fake news" that should influence the election.

Trump's November 3rd Democratic challenger Joe Biden said that if the allegations in the "Atlantic" article were true, they were "another sign of the disagreement between President Trump and I over the role of President United States are ".

If he wins the presidential election, Biden added, he will "make sure our American heroes know that I stand behind them and will honor their sacrifice - always." (Tsp)

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