What is a TVL strand

4.2.1 IT workers relevant completed higher education employees in information and communication technology relevant completed higher education information and communication technology relevant completed higher education relevant completed higher education


According to the job characteristic of EntgGr. 10 FGr. 1 Part II, Section 11 EntgO TV-L, employees are grouped who following requirements fulfill: Employees with a relevant university education (e.g. in the field of computer science) and corresponding activity as well as other employees who perform corresponding activities based on equivalent skills and experience.


According to the previous. No. 2 Paragraphs 1 and 2 of this section is a completed higher education before, if from a university i. According to § 1 University Framework Act (HRG) a diploma degree with the addition "University of Applied Sciences" ("FH"), another degree equivalent to § 18 HRG or a Bachelor degree has been awarded. The bachelor's degree must be accredited according to the regulations of the Accreditation Council. Qualifications in accredited Bachelor courses at vocational academies are equivalent to this. For the rest, see dec. 5.2.3 for protocol declaration no. 11 on part I EntgO TV-L in part D 1.1 of the work.


A degree from a foreign university is considered a completed higher education if it has been recognized as equivalent to the German university degree in accordance with the recommendations of the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) established at the Standing Conference; No. 2 para. 4 of the preliminary draft. to this section. For the rest, see Dec. on Protocol Declaration No. 11 Paragraph 4 on Part I EntgO TV-L in Part D 1.1 of the work.