Are continuous testing and simultaneous testing the same?

Auditing that advances your company

A certificate is the most commonly used term for one Auditor's report. The auditor's report is the final audit opinion of an auditor for an audit of the annual financial statements. An auditor's report is usually positive.

This positive audit result does not result from the fact that all the annual financial statements are correct, but rather that complaints and deficiencies are resolved, i.e. corrected, by mutual agreement during the audit. Similar to a car that does not pass the TÜV the first time, after all defects have been eliminated in the workshop, you can drive up again and then receive the coveted TÜV sticker.

A positive or, as it should rightly say, unqualified audit opinion means that the annual financial statements essentially give a picture of the actual asset, financial and earnings position and that the correctness of the accounting and other legal regulations are guaranteed. An auditor's report thus offers sufficient security that the addressees or recipients of the annual financial statements can rely on them. However, even an auditor's report cannot provide absolute certainty.

An auditor's report can, however, be restricted if individual components of the annual financial statements are incorrect or it can also be refused, i.e. H. no auditor's report is issued. In these cases, however, there would have to be serious complaints that the company to be audited has not resolved.