What does Royal Enfield

What is special about a Royal Enfield?

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Yes, some things can be 'shot' from the hip, - just symbolically:

Royal Enfield is a world-famous Indian motorcycle manufacturer with a British-Indian tradition. For a long time India was part of the British Common Wealth. India was considered a British Crown Colony during the colonial period, and the Queen of England was also considered a Royal Highness to the Indians.

Up until the unrest before the declaration of independence and the establishment of a sovereign, independent state, the Indians were loyal to the English crown and perfectly integrated British culture into their own culture. This is still noticeable and easy to see today.

It is therefore no wonder that the construction of the vehicles was based heavily on the British model. The motorcycles played a central role, because to this day the Indians build motorcycles that are fully committed to the British-Indian tradition. The name of the manufacturer Royal Enfield testifies to this, and India is very proud of this name!

The motorcycles are manufactured in the Group's factories using the best materials made of steel, leather, etc. made by hand. Everything is original and a critical observer will not be able to see even 1 gram of plastic on any machine. Where else can you get that? Nowhere in this world of ours **

The bikes don't just look retro, because they are bursting with power and are reliable and loyal companions to their owners. The visual similarity to big British names like Norton, Triumph and others is no coincidence.

The Royal Enfield 350 runs on diesel fuel, for example, which is much cheaper than gasoline. There is now also a beautiful Scrambler or Café Razer that can easily keep up with a Triumph or a Harley Davidson.

With this brand, the 'ghosts' sometimes differ: while some are full of praise and many enthusiasts love these machines in particular, they are sometimes frowned upon by fans of Japanese or American brands.

It is possible, however, that the despisers also secretly admire the consistent way of being committed to the motorcycle tradition and construction of their own British-Indian roots to this day. Only nobody will admit it in public ;-D

Lots of text, but a nice topic that you put at the center of the discussion with your question, which I think is great: Quality has priority, yep.

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