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My name is Cerstin Zander, I live in Krefeld and have been employed by Sitel Group GmbH for a leading e-commerce company for almost 4 years.

In July 2013 I applied to the Sitel Group in Düsseldorf as a call center agent for this project. A short time later I was invited to an interview. I was excited because only a few days before, after another interview, I had been advised to reorient myself that I was not suitable for a call center.

So I went to Düsseldorf with mixed feelings. I did the test and the interview. Now it was time to keep your fingers crossed that I got a chance. The day I was supposed to be informed by phone, I was barely human, a bundle of nerves. Then the phone rang, Dagmar was on the phone, she welcomed me to the team, tears rolled down my head. I was so happy.

The 3-week training course started on September 2, 2013. During this time we were also invited to the first team meeting. We “newcomers” were asked what we expected. I replied "Honesty and treating myself with respect, because that is exactly what I live". Then came the day when we went on the line for the first time. The support we got was phenomenal.

Then came October 16, 2013, on the way home I fell with my scooter - broken arm - from the dream of the great opportunity. When I let myself be driven to the center in Düsseldorf the next day, I was so scared and cried because I thought my dream was already over. But Sibylle hugged me and calmed me down, telling me that I should get well and not worry about my job. I was absent for 6 weeks due to a necessary operation.

Then I came back and tried to find my way back in on my own. When I realized that I couldn't, I asked for help, which I got immediately. Then I had the first big conversation with my team leader Chris at the end of the probationary period and again I was afraid that my performance would not be sufficient for the employment contract to be extended. But I did it, we discussed new higher goals for the next six months. I fought and plowed whenever it was necessary, I worked overtime, which helped me to become more confident in my work and in using the systems.

The first year was over, there was another conversation with Chris, we set new goals. In July I had already applied for the work @ home project, but got no response, my services were probably not yet sufficient and my uncertainty in handling customer requests was still too great. So I kept fighting. The next request for work @ home came in November, I reapplied and I made it.

With the necessary technology and knowledge in my head, I started working from home on December 9, 2014 - a crazy feeling.

The next hurdle had to be overcome - after 2 years the permanent employment contract was due and again I was afraid. AND - I did it and again my tears rolled down with joy. And I kept struggling to improve my performance, setting myself higher goals.

In April 2016 I got an email from Jörg that I had been selected as a Shining Star, my fight was rewarded, I was very proud of myself. But I was also grateful. My thanks went to the entire Sitel Group team - above all my team leader Chris - who supported me in my struggle, who believed in me, sometimes more than I did. Other competitions followed that I did won or where I placed in the top three.

In July 2017, our client started a special offer for its customers. Competitions for all agents were also announced for this event. Two weeks ago, as a thank you for my very good performance in the prime week, I was able to welcome my team leader Chris and Christian from quality control in my apartment. It was a wonderful afternoon with coffee and delicious cake, stimulating conversations and a tour of my “office”, which both of them really liked.

Why am I writing all this?

In this project at Sitel Group, I fulfilled my dream of a job that I always imagined. I had to look for this job for almost 30 years. I was born in the East, in my heart I am probably still "Ossi". I have worked in several call centers in the east, I never got the chance to prove myself, at some point I was given notice, usually without a reason or with the reason for the job cuts.

I always said to myself that I would never go to the West, now I had to rethink, because I wanted to work and in the East they no longer “wanted” me.

What I've been able to experience with Sitel Group so far, I would never have dared to dream. With the strength of my team behind me, I mastered 2 moves, the following year after my accident, the metal splint had to be removed from my arm, because I was missing again for 4 weeks. The second time I moved, I broke two vertebrae, so the next operation followed and an absence of 6 weeks - Sitel Group was always behind me - just a crazy feeling.

"Whoever fights can lose - whoever does not fight has already lost."

With the company "Sitel" you have a strong and reliable partner at your side who helps you to overcome hurdles. You just have to want it yourself and do something for it.