What is green math

Gernot Blümel, Young Greens and all these zeros

Should mathematics be abolished as a compulsory subject, as the young talents of the small coalition partner are calling for?

The absolutely most exclusive club in the Antidote Cluster of Excellence is the relatively unknown inclination group “Magic of Calculation”. The three of us discuss unsolved problems with hot minds and cold hearts every Friday after one. For example, our assumptions about zeros of the Riemann zeta function are adventurous. One of us has not yet conclusively proven it, the two scientific bean counters hold up to the simple Weltgeist expert.

The exact magicians also got brutal as they watched the budget debate. It was not right with them that the finance minister had somehow completely unintentionally lost a few zeros somewhere in the state budget in the amendment request for expenditure. You shouldn't act like that, said the humanities scholar at the club. After all, there is a viral crisis. And if even the thrifty EU throws billions of euros around, if no one knows where the money is coming from and where it's going, then this six percent blurring is not a problem for modest Austria.

Watch out, trap! Dear Green Youth, if you wanted to grasp the last sentence with the confusing numbers: Sometimes between six zeros and six percent is worlds apart.

But what does the offspring of the little coalition partner have to do with Gernot Blümel's hustle and bustle? Well, if you look at the homepage gruene-jugend.at, mathematics is obviously not one of his favorites. The education system works like a factory, the “neoliberal school system acts purely in the interests of the economy”. Young people are “brought up to perform and competitive from an early age”. Ui dear!

That this scourge of capitalist reshuffle also includes arithmetic lessons becomes clear in a subject of the Green Youth Carinthia / Koroška, ​​which is currently causing a sensation in social networks: “Enough of math? Abolish compulsory subjects! ”Is the message. It is illustrated like this: a dark-skinned girl who is concentrated in front of a blackboard with numbers.

How many stupid prejudices are there? Our bean counters think: On the poster, a clueless minister and his senior university advisors should stand in front of a board with lots of zeros for the budget. Perhaps the alert-looking student can give him a little tutoring in solving the budget questions.