Why do we keep butter in the fridge

This means that butter stays fresh for a long time, even without a refrigerator

Butter in salted water can easily be stored for a long time. (Photo by: leeser / depositphotos.com)

Storage of butter

Butter doesn't like it that cold. That is why there are special butter compartments in many refrigerators, where the temperatures are milder and the butter does not get as hard. Alternatively, you can also store the butter in the fridge's vegetable compartment.

The butter is best in one well sealable vessel canceled.

Tip: Before using the butter, you should take it out of the fridge a few minutes beforehand, as this not only makes it easier to spread but also unfolds its full aroma.

Important: Butter quickly absorbs foreign odors. Therefore, you should definitely keep them in a butter dish or Tupperware container.

Here are a few tips for storing butter

At normal room temperature and in direct sunlight, butter quickly turns rancid.

There are several methods of proper use Storage of butter, even outside the refrigerator - this way it is usually easier to spread.

  • Butter should kept in the dark Therefore, glass butter dishes are decorative, but unsuitable for storage. Tupperware butter dishes are more suitable here.
  • Are even better suited Ceramic or clay vessels for storage. You can wrap the butter in moist greaseproof paper and then put it in a watered, empty clay pot.
  • Alternatively, put the butter on a plate and put the soaked clay pot over it. The evaporated water provides cooling.
  • Butter also works well in one Bowl of salt water to stockpile. However, the salt water should be boiled and cooled beforehand - this kills the germs. The butter remains spreadable and has a slightly salty taste.

Freeze butter

In case you get too much butter bought in advance, you can also buy them freeze easily. Let the butter thaw the day before at room temperature and you won't taste any difference.

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