What are some powerful Arduino alternatives

Alternative to strings

LeRoi: I know that, I've already done a lot with C strings, but Java has made it a bit more comfortable (I use StringBuilder to merge).

And you use Java on devices of at least the type of smartphone with 256 MB RAM or more, i.e. at least around one hundred and twenty-eight thousand times as much RAM as a UNO has. Not to mention PCs with gigabytes of RAM, i.e. x-million times as much RAM as a UNO board.

LeRoi: That's why the String class from Arduino was welcome to me. Now I will probably be working with the C string commands again, some of which I have already used for decomposing or converting. My only question was whether this array memory area would be used again and again when I put the chars in there with the C string commands (they do everything byte-wise). I'll rebuild everything with a char buffer.

First of all, you have to free yourself from the thought of "packing all incoming characters into one variable". With extremely little RAM, you need completely different programming techniques.

With C-Strings you usually define your character string buffers once and globally in the maximum required size (with a GPS program that receives characters via NMEA data lines or a serial command interpreter, for example for a string with a maximum of 80 characters (one line) and this a character buffer can always be reused in the program

If you have extremely little RAM, you are not allowed to keep "everything" but only what is "absolutely necessary" in RAM at the same time. Seen in this way, my functional example is already completely excessive in terms of RAM consumption, because the same thing could be achieved with slightly different commands even without this 9-character output buffer. Most of the time, however, the following applies: In order to save more RAM, you also have to write more additional program code, i.e. the size of the C code in the INO file can, under unfavorable circumstances, be larger than when programming techniques are used that waste RAM.