How are you going to test your willpower

Do you need more willpower? Then ask for the WHY.

The question arises, why do athletes often have more willpower than other people?

Athletes want to win! Always and rightly.

Otherwise you wouldn't be an athlete. And yet it can happen that you suddenly have too little will, cannot get your A ... up.

Just in times of competition preparation or after injuries, you often have to laboriously - sometimes beyond the pain point or the limits - STRONG WILL demonstrate.

It is precisely in these situations that it is extremely difficult.

How do you still manage to muster the necessary strength of will?

It would be good to know which unconscious motives control you. Sports psychology differentiates between 4 unconscious motives.

Are you Power-motivated, you will be able to be motivated by the topic of "winning". Then you're the type to whom winning is more important than measurable performance.

You are more likely Motivated to achieve, you can be reached through measurable performance. Instead of: today you win, rather: today you are 2 seconds faster….

You can also rather be a relationship-motivated Being an athlete for whom being with others is very important

or Freedom-motivated then you have difficulties with restrictions, very stuck training plans and the like

In order to find out, you need a special instinct or a sports motivation test, which I offer as part of my coaching, gives you precise information.

Today we stick to willpower.

What you can always do when you realize that it is difficult for you to motivate yourself.