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Lonely in quarantine: how to deal with it

The corona crisis requires drastic measures: staying at home and avoiding social contacts can be vital. Many feel lonely in quarantine, especially for the elderly and single people, this becomes a challenge. Your social contacts are already low and are being further reduced by drastic measures. Loneliness as a result of a curfew is also one of the real scenarios that are approaching us or already happening. What are the implications? And how to deal with loneliness?

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➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Loneliness and being alone are not the same thing

In linguistic use, loneliness and solitude becomeoften used synonymously. The two terms do not mean the same thing for a long time:

  • lonliness is especially a feelingthat someone feels. Perhaps some feel marginalized by other people, alone and abandoned, ignored.
  • To be alone however, describes one real state; a single person is in one place, no one else is around.

From this distinction it also follows that not everyone who is lonely necessarily has to be alone - and vice versa: Just because someone is alone, he has to be don't feel lonely. So there are singles out of conviction who love their freedom and independence: Finally lounging on the sofa in sweatpants!

And quite a few older citizens get along very well with their status as widowers or widowers. In any case, today's seniors are whole set up differently than just a few decades ago. Motto: 70 is the new 50.

They are well networked, have friends, contacts with former colleagues and benefit modern communication media as a matter of course.

Feeling lonely is a question of type

As I said, in everyday use there is seldom a fine distinction between whether someone is alone or lonely. Sometimes there is talk of someone looking for solitude. Of course, this does not mean that he or she wants to feel that they are not needed or that they are unimportant.

Rather, another aspect plays a role: a person deliberately separates himself from others. Everyone needs these moments of peace and solitude. At last come to your sensesto feel yourself again, to get away from hectic and stress. A thought on which the digital detox is based, for example, although the main concern here is constant availability via smartphone and social media.

However, people are not the same. The desire for differentiation exists in different forms. It is known of the highly sensitive, for example, that they repeatedly need places to retreat to the To avoid overstimulation.

Introverts and misanthropes feel the same way. Some because they prefer the written word and like to get into one with their books forgive quiet little room, the others, because they don't expect anything from their fellow human beings anyway.

What does it mean to be lonely in quarantine?

But of course it makes a decisive difference whether this Isolation chosen by yourself is or not. It is also decisive how long someone has been lonely or feels lonely. In the face of a pandemic, someone may need to be quarantined. For example, to minimize the risk of infection or to cure an actual infection.

But anyone who is lonely in quarantine also knows that this Time is limited: This means that infected persons and contact persons are observed in quarantine at home for the maximum duration of the incubation period (14 days). In other words, after two weeks the ghost is over again.

Another quality can have a curfew that set longer is. It can even trigger a real camp fever in other people - namely when it is no longer possible to retreat.

Looked at in this way, some who are not alone may with a certain envy look at people who currently have 50 square meters to themselves, while four or five people squat on 80 square meters. Some stressed parents or teenagers, for example.

Loneliness due to quarantine, due to a curfew or warehouse fever due to quarantine or curfew - it can of course not be evaluated in a general way which is worse of it. Too individual the perception of the individual. Some people have settled in well in their solitude.

Others need the social interaction like that air to breathe and are sensitive to the unfamiliar restrictions. The fact is that a quarantine currently only affects a small part of the population, while a curfew can be extended to all.

Incidentally, it is absolutely with Democracy and law Compatible: Section 28 of the Infection Protection Act (IfSG) states that authorities may take necessary protective measures to prevent the spread of communicable diseases.

Where does the term quarantine actually come from?

By the way, the origin of the term is worth knowing quarantine. Some people wonder why the word is usually used with K instead of Kw is pronounced. Analogous to words like Quelle or Quark, one could assume that. But quarantine comes from Latin and has taken the detour via French.

Loan words from French starting with Qu begin to be basically pronounced like K. Quarantine is derived from the Latin quadraginta, for the number 40. In French it comes from quarantaine de jours and means the 40-day quarantine under which ships suspected of plague that arrived in Italy have been placed since the 14th century.

Tips against loneliness

Whether you're feeling lonely because you've recently started working from home, have been quarantined, or have already been curfew, there are ways you can do that Minimize feelingeven if it does not remove loneliness.

But maybe it helps to know that you are not alone. As far as the specific fear of the virus is concerned, everyone is affected by it anyway. Some risk groups are particularly at risk - this includes the elderly and those who do Immune system weakened due to illness is.

In principle, however, the virus does not stop at celebrities, wealth or nationality. Since there are still too many gaps in knowledge and no effective medical measures currently exist, it has also become no normal handling can develop with it.

  • deflection

    The classic, when boredom threatens, is still distraction with exciting or interesting things. What is exciting or interesting for you, of course, varies from person to person. Some like to read or watch television, others like to listen to podcasts, others play computers and still others miss cultural offerings. No problem - over 500 museums have teamed up with Google Arts & Culture and offer virtual tours and explanations of the exhibits.

    More information here:

  • Sports

    Those who often feel lonely under normal conditions have a particularly difficult time in quarantine or in the event of a curfew. It is important not to fall into depression here. Exercise is a good way to counteract this, and you can also work out from home. You clear your head, happiness hormones are released by the body and, by the way, you strengthen your immune system.

    More information here:

  • Skype

    Modern communication media make it possible - almost everyone in Germany owns a smartphone. Video telephony is no longer rocket science. Whether via Whatsapp, Facetime, Zoom or Skype is up to you. Of course, that's not the same thing as meeting people in real life. But if the grandchildren are not allowed to come by because of the risk of infection, then that can be a consolation. Some people even arrange to meet for dinner or flash mobs together via Skype. For example in Italy, where people sing against loneliness and fear. So there is the opportunity to defy loneliness together with others.

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  • reflection

    Anyone who may have to forcibly reduce the stress level, or have to leave certain tasks because they cannot be done from the home office, has time to think. Some people have fallen out with former good friends or even their own children or parents. Time to think about your own share. Was it worth it? And is the cause of the dispute still valid in the face of real and existential threats? One of the maxims of life is that you should never part in an argument. Perhaps now is the time for reconciliation.

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  • household

    Now there are no more excuses. Anyone who otherwise spent the day shopping and other activities outside of their own four walls could not tidy up. At least in its own logic. Now is the time for it. The storeroom you've been wanting to do for a year. Or the basement, where broken second bikes eke out their existence and all sorts of other bulky goods. Maybe you have wanted to repaint your rooms for a long time. Time for a change!

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