What is billing

What is an invoice?

What is a billing?

In German we often use the short form 'invoice' for this, but technically there is a subtle difference between an invoice and a settlement. A billing is the piece of paper that a customer receives along with the goods or services they have received. As a rule, payment is expected immediately after the invoice has been issued (although not always).

For example, when you go out for a drink, ask about the billing. The reason for this is three-fold: (1) you are the customer, (2) you have not yet paid, and (3) you usually have to pay immediately upon receipt of the paper.

For those looking for a free billing template, we have over 100 templates to choose from. But to be honest, when you are the one who issues a statement, you are usually already issuing an invoice.

What is an invoice?

It gets a "bit" technical here. An invoice is a document that someone makes available to a customer that indicates the future cost of certain goods or services. This is where the technical part comes in; An invoice is issued (1) by the person who provides the goods / services (2) on credit.

If we continue with the example, the bar supplier issues an invoice for his drinks because (1) the drinks have already been delivered to the bar (2), but the bar only pays for the drinks at the end of the month.

Colloquially, many of us use the word invoice in German, and as mentioned before, in other languages ​​as well for a statement of account as well as for an invoice. However, there is a technical difference that is linguistically and legally significant.

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