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Cleaning roller shutter belts - 3 tips

Like everything else in the house, you should also clean the roller shutter belts from time to time. With our 3 tips it works really well.

1. Roller shutter belts yellow over time

There are many different types of roller shutters. Probably the most practical are the permanently installed ones that are attached to the outside of the window and have a strap inside the apartment so that the blind can also be opened and closed. Such roller shutters are more robust and their service life is considerably longer than, for example, roller blinds, which are also attached to the outside of the window.

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The belts are the most sensitive of roller shutters. You are touched with your hands every day and so you get all the dirt off your hands right away. Accordingly, they will look accordingly over time. Often the once white belts turn gray or brown after a while. So that these are clean again, here are a few tips for cleaning the roller shutter belts.

2. Cleaning the roller shutter belts - 3 tips

Tip 1 - baking soda
As you probably know, baking soda is a very good home remedy. This means that you can get pretty much everything in the house clean again. So do the roller shutter belts. Simply mix the baking powder with a little water to a pulp and then apply piece by piece to the roller shutter belt and work it in with a small brush. Then let it work in and wipe it off again with a wet cloth.

Tip 2 - vinegar
If you don't have baking soda in the house, you can simply add a little vinegar to water instead. Then soak a rag with it and rub the roller shutter belt properly with it.

Tip 3 - carpet foam
Roller shutter belts can also be cleaned very well with carpet foam. Simply spray the roller shutter belt well, work it in with a brush and let it work for a short time. Then wipe everything off with a wet cloth.

With these tips you will of course have to work your way up step by step. This can take a while, which is why you should take a lot of time for this.

3. Make the roller shutter belts supple

Roller shutter belts can wear out over time. It is therefore recommended that you rub it off with a candle after cleaning. The wax ensures that the belt remains nice and supple and that you can use it for a long time.

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4. Buy new belts online

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