What should I know before I see Hereditary

Hereditary - The Legacy: Review of the horror film at 3sat

"Hereditary" is one of the best horror films in years. And not for the faint of heart. The viewers at 3sat can now get an idea of ​​this for themselves.

Hereditary - The Legacy
Horror • 02/25/2021 • 11:03 pm

What hasn't you already heard about "Hereditary - The Legacy". The feature film debut by up-and-coming director Ari Aster was the scariest horror flick in years, it was said at the cinema release in 2018. The "exorcist" of this generation. Loud screams were heard in the audience during the world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in January. And when the trailer was inadvertently shown in a cinema in the USA in front of the animated fantasy film "Peter Rabbit", hundreds of terrified children burst into tears. All of this means that your own heart is racing before the film even starts. And rightly so, as 3sat is now showing for the first time on free TV.

It starts with an obituary notice. Ellen Graham, as we learn in the first few seconds of the horror drama, has passed away. Slow camera movements, plus the creepy film music by composer Colin Stetson - "Hereditary" is immediately threatening and oppressive. Not too much should be revealed about the plot, that would ruin a lot. Roughly speaking, it's about: After the death of Ellen Graham, her daughter Annie (Toni Collette), her husband Steve (Gabriel Byrne) and their children Peter (Alex Wolff) and Charlie (Milly Shapiro) suddenly happen mysterious. The deeper Annie delves into her family's history, the more she realizes that an unexpected, dark fate awaits her - a legacy from which she may not be able to escape.

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"Hereditary" is much more than just a simple horror flick about a haunted house. The second level of the film is based on a classic family drama. It's about grief, guilt, and how all of these affect family dynamics. Ari Aster does not aim to create arbitrary shock moments, but every scene has its meaning. And every detail contributes to the unique atmosphere of the film: The miniature worlds that Annie Graham creates and with which she somehow tries to explain her world. The tree house Charlie likes to hide in. Everything looks kind of creepy.

In any case, Ari Aster, whose previously published short films "The Strange Thing About The Johnsons" and "Munchhausen" also revolved around dysfunctional families and who was inspired by his own experiences with grief and tragedy for "Hereditary", should have a great career - After all, he recently created a worthy successor to his directorial debut with the Scandi shocker "Midsommar". But also the acting performances are impressive in "Hereditary". How does Milly Shapiro manage to look so scary at the tender age of 16? Toni Collette, who was in front of the camera in a film about the supernatural with "The Sixth Sense", always has a spark of madness in her eyes.

So "Hereditary" becomes a - in a positive sense - 128-minute torture. Admittedly, with all the expectations raised in advance, the film may not be quite as shocking as one would have expected. And at the end of the day, the horses run away with Ari Aster a bit. But at times the film is really unbearable. Damp hands, half of the audience can no longer look. And those who look through the hand they hold out utter noises of horror.

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