What are most chocolate truffles made of?

For every chocolate candy: snacking is also sustainable!

07/22/2020 | An interview conducted by Julie Wego | Images: Booja Booja

Unfortunately the making of chocolate often harmful to the climate and not fair in human terms. That's why you'd better be certified and fairtraded Buy chocolate. Booja-Booja cares for you fair relationship to Delivery and puts every product in vegetable here. Chocolate truffles, cocoa nibs or a variety of ice creams - the Booja-Booja range is so delicious and varied.

You can find out which varieties are involved and what makes their production so sustainable in an interview with Mr. Horn.


LifeVERDE: Mr. Horn, please introduce us to the Booja Booja Company.

ROBERT HORN: The Booja-Booja Bio-Manufaktur was founded 20 years ago with the aim of producing the best vegan chocolate truffles and vegan ice cream desserts.
Since then, the Booja-Booja Company has received more than 125 awards for unique taste, product innovations and the art of packaging ice cream desserts and chocolate truffles. The raw materials / ingredients come from long-term, friendly collaborations.

We have the "argument" vegan never advertised in a big way, it was and still is only on the back of the package. The basic idea was not only to appeal to vegetarians and vegans, but to simply produce great products by hand that impress with their taste and packaging.

You also offer chocolate and, among other things, cocoa beans in your range. How did you come to offer vegan ice cream?

A few years after the company was founded in 1999, we noticed that the summers were getting longer and warmer. The consumption of our vegan truffles decreased noticeably in the summer. So we decided to create vegan ice cream desserts in the usual high Booja-Booja quality. So we were able to bridge these hot months for the first time and of course, because the second best thing after enjoying chocolate is licking ice cream!

In the meantime, ice cream has become an indispensable part of our range.

When did you decide to add vegan ice cream to your range?

That was at the Biofach in Nuremberg in 2006.

How is the topic of sustainability implemented in your company?

Right from the start, treating our raw material suppliers with respect and fairness was important to us. This is the best basis for a long-term (trade) relationship.

The Booja-Booja Company has also relied 100% on organic and purely plant-based products from the start. We are a member of the non-profit organization The Vegan Society.

Here e.g. our loyal cocoa bean supplier for our raw chocolate truffles Dark Ecuador and Dark Raspberry - Pacari:

We obtain the raw cocoa mass from Pacari, so the local farmers have a higher value chain (raw materials, processing) and can generate higher income than simply selling the cocoa beans. The beans for all other truffles come from the Dominican Republic.

Our electricity comes from EWS Schönau (green electricity in citizen hands), everything for office supplies from Memo AG (fair & sustainable). For shipping truffles, we use used cardboard boxes, which are collected from our friendly organic shops. This saves us enormous amounts of paper / cardboard each year, the shops are happy that their paper bins are not overflowing, a classic win-win situation.

We're not perfect, we still have a diesel Kangoo and VW Bulli for delivery trips and we are flirting with an e-van. There is currently no suitable and affordable e-car or hydrogen car with a longer range for our needs. Here, the German automotive industry has fallen by the wayside (transitional) solutions (hydrogen, e-mobility, etc.).

The Booja-Booja Company also supports traditional handicrafts in Kashmir. There our beautiful Easter eggs and Artist Collection boxes are hand-made and hand-painted for us according to ancient Indian tradition. We send organic paints to the artists to protect health and the environment.

What is the most popular / best-selling type of ice cream in your range?

Clearly pecan caramel praline, classic chocolate ice cream (hunky punky) and raspberry vanilla. Cashew nuts are the basis for all of our ice cream desserts.

How is Booja Booja ice cream made?

How our ice cream dessert is made is a trade secret, as the entire system and the production processes are based on our own "know-how". In order to produce this quality without any additives (emulsifiers and stabilizers), as found in practically all types of ice cream, other approaches are required. Just so much: we do not use any commercial ice cream machines for this, it would not work or, better said, it would not lead to the quality we are aiming for (mouthfeel, consistency, appearance and taste).

Can ice cream lovers soon look forward to new flavors?

Yes, we recently launched two new types of ice cream: Heavens on Earth - a refreshing, chocolaty mint ice cream and the crispy, sweet Honeycomb Caramel.

What are you most looking forward to for the ice season?

On the long lines in front of our ice van and on our Booja-Booja deckchairs to relax. Also on the smiling faces of children and adults. It feels like all adults become little boys and girls again when ordering ice cream; first the variety selection and then which ball below which above ...? These are serious decisions.


Thank you for the interview, dear Mr. Horn!

Do you have a question floating around in your head that you would like to ask Booja-Booja?

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