Why is beer so expensive in Canada

Basic Cost of Living in Vancouver: Some Facts and Figures You Should Know

If you're moving to a new city or country, chances are you are unfamiliar with the basic prices of everyday things. Bread, milk, rent, a beer - it will take you a while to find out what is reasonable to pay and what is not!

rental fee

The average rental price for a two bedroom apartment in downtown Vancouver is around $ 1,450 per month and an additional $ 1,000 per month for other services (excluding bills). There is always the case that if you go to a shared apartment it is always a lot cheaper - a four-room apartment in the city center costs just over $ 1,000 per month per person and between $ 600-700 on the outskirts. Vancouver rental rates for both downtown and suburbs are expensive. However, there are also ways to find a cheaper apartment.


A liter of milk costs around $ 2 and a loaf of fresh bread around $ 3. Fruits are reasonably priced, but meat and dairy products - especially cheese - are on average more expensive in Vancouver, and groceries close to their expiration date aren't discounted, which can be a huge blow to you if you are a college student who is used to discounted Tesco sandwiches. are. However, bulk shopping and couponing - both knowing where to shop - can help you cut your grocery budget drastically. Find out more here.

Means of transport

Vancouver transportation is currently based on a three-zone system, with charges ranging from $ 2.75 to $ 5.50 for an adult and $ 1.75 to $ 3.75 for a one-way discount card. You can travel for 90 minutes for the same fare and the fees are the same no matter what type of transport you use, as long as it is a bus, SkyTrain or SeaBus (keep in mind that West Coast Express trains have different prices).

Saver fare fees apply on weekends and weekdays after 6:30 p.m., fees for travel between all zones are covered at $ 2.75. You can save money and time by buying a monthly or weekly pass, the price depends on whether you are eligible for a discount (e.g. children / students / pensioners) and where you live.

However, a stamping system called Compass, which was under development, has been suspended indefinitely.

The average Canadian tax refund is $ 998

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Petrol / clothing / miscellaneous

If you are coming outside of the US (especially Europe), you will find gasoline prices relatively cheap, at only $ 1.30-1.50 per liter. The same goes for clothing, branded jeans (e.g. Levi's) cost around $ 65 and are therefore relatively inexpensive - while the prices for other branded clothing are pretty average for a large western city, a pair of Nike shoes average around $ 108 and a sundress in a chain store costs around $ 45.

Food and drinks!

A beer in a restaurant or bar costs an average of $ 5.50 from the barrel and $ 6.50 a bottle, which is not particularly expensive - an inexpensive meal costs around $ 6 and a three-course meal for two is around $ 70 . Many Vancouver bars serve their own beer - which is good for your inner hipster. You can find out more about Vancouver’s nightlife here.