Why do drug addicts fall behind after rehab?

Landau Specialist Clinic

Addiction and dependence have a long history in our society and can affect each of us in a variety of ways. Causes and triggers can often be found in our life stories and limit our social and professional opportunities and perspectives.

The therapies offered by the Landau Specialist Clinic are designed to help you live drug-free and regain some freedom. In addition, we offer you a rehabilitation measure tailored to your needs, consisting of medical measures, addiction and psychotherapeutic support in group and individual sessions as well as occupational measures in occupational therapy. Withdrawal treatment can, if necessary, precede the withdrawal treatment.

Thanks to its location not far from the city center, the Landau specialist clinic is well connected to local public transport and all municipal facilities.

"We'restayinghome"? We stay at the Landau specialist clinic!

As a clinic for the medical rehabilitation of people with addictions, we take our tasks very seriously, especially in the current situation. Anyone who works in our field knows that stressful and stressful situations in particular are often the trigger for relapses. The corona crisis significantly increases the risk of relapse even for those who have successfully managed to stay clean to this day. "I used to fall over and relapse in such stressful situations," says Murat, who until a few weeks ago tried to "alleviate" stress by consuming cannabis. “That I'm here now is very important to me.” In order to be able to support our rehabilitation patients as needed, we are maintaining the therapeutic offer of the specialist clinic as always “before Corona”.

At the same time, we are of course aware that our rehabilitation candidates belong to the high-risk group. We have therefore taken every possible precaution to minimize the risk of infection with the coronavirus. In some places this is directly visible, e.g. B. when eating: The tables have been rearranged so that the minimum distance can be maintained, and there are fewer rehabilitants in the dining room at the same time. The therapeutic group offers also take place with a reduced group size. At other points, we do everything in the "background" to prevent our rehabilitants and employees from becoming infected. For example, admission is only possible with a doctor's confirmation that the new rehabilitation candidate has come to us from a two-week quarantine or directly from the detoxification clinic and is symptom-free.

“At first I was insecure,” says Klaus. “But then I realized that I don't have to worry. I think everything that can be done to prevent people from getting infected has happened. I feel pretty safe here. ”Many of our rehabilitation candidates feel like Klaus. Many - especially those at risk of homelessness - express a degree of gratitude. They are aware that they move within a protected framework, while at the same time they have opportunities that they would not have “outside”. Because our individual and group therapeutic measures will continue to be flanked by sports and exercise offers or the possibility of exits for two, e.g. in the inner city, which is within walking distance.

Our entire rehabilitation team supports the rehabilitation patients with full commitment in all matters and is also at their side in the event of uncertainty, tension and anger. “The employees themselves are in a special situation. Nevertheless, they are always there for us, ”says Murat. This also helps to catch those who are frustrated, for example because they cannot drive home due to the requirements of infection protection. And yet - overall, there is a great understanding of the necessity of the measures among rehabilitation patients and employees alike.

We are all convinced that it is important now for our rehabilitation patients that we continue. Would the offer of the specialist clinic Landau z. B. be omitted due to a stop in admission, many people with the corresponding need would "fall down behind"; many would not know where to go and would be endangered in every way. In this sense, rehabilitation with us offers our rehabilitation patients the chance to get through the corona crisis healthy.

Technical information ▼

The central location of the Landau specialist clinic enables optimal networking with the city's offers in every area. With 30 treatment places for drug addicts men and women, an individually tailored therapy program can be practiced particularly well in a family atmosphere. 10 days of acupuncture-assisted withdrawal treatment in the clinic precede the withdrawal treatment (treatment duration up to 14 weeks if indicated). Sports, meditation and relaxation groups complete the medical-therapeutic program. Comprehensive, resource-oriented diagnostics and a high retention rate are further quality features of the facility. The high professional quality of the work was confirmed in external quality screenings by the pension insurance institutions. The majority of patients take advantage of the option of being referred to a follow-up measure by the specialist clinic (adaptation and outpatient rehab). Recognition according to BtmG §§ 35 and 36 is granted.

The quality management system of the specialist clinics was certified for the first time in 2007 and since then has continuously demonstrated compliance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001 through recertification and audits.

With the QReha plus certificate, the facility demonstrates the quality criteria for rehabilitation facilities required by the Federal Rehabilitation Association (BAR). The facility thus fulfills the legal requirements of Section 20 (2) SGB IX.

Description of services (special features):

  • Individual treatment planning
  • Comprehensive diagnostics
  • Differentiated occupational therapy offers
  • Career-integrating measures (vocational seminars, PC training courses, external company internships)
  • Acupuncture Drug Withdrawal
  • High retention rate (81.9% regular termination of withdrawal treatment in 2011)
  • Treatment of dual diagnoses
  • Cooperation in the treatment network
  • Various indication groups (migrants, cannabis addiction, etc.)
  • Day course "Smoke-free home"
  • Possibility of real-life testing and trips home
  • Very good regional network
  • Thanks to a spacious new building and a completely renovated old building, the quality standards, especially in the areas of living and working, could be increased considerably for the patients
  • Combination therapy (inpatient-outpatient rehabilitation)
  • Support in the rehabilitation process and in social and professional reintegration before, during and after treatment through individual rehabilitation case support
  • Preservation of work ability and job through close cooperation with large employers (e.g. Daimler, Opel) in the project "Strength through Networking".

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