How do you make beekeeping profitable

Beekeeping Profitability

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    Now is the time to take stock of whether my beekeeping is profitable.
    Every beekeeper should do a comparison of expenses and income at the end of the [[bee year]] in order to be able to determine whether his beekeeping is profitable or a negative business. This is the only way to determine profitability. I am about to do this. And was able to find out that my beekeeping is profitable. How do you do this to determine whether your beekeeping is profitable. Estimate or calculate?
    With an exact calculation it is possible to compare the individual years. In this way you can determine the causes of negative business and make changes for the next [[bee year]]. Based on this evaluation, I put together a new treatment plan for the following year.
  • Profitability shouldn't be viewed that closely, of course the income has to cover the expenses, but it's a hobby if you count the h, profitability is pretty bad.

    How was the 2019 harvest for you?
    With me I could harvest about 70 kg per colony
    Apiary in the city.
  • To do this, you should name the prey and breed of bees. I work with Segeberger and Carnika, all of them mated. I came to 30 kg per colony. Apiaries in suburban areas.
    Beekeeper since: June 1st, 2013
    Segeberger prey type
    Carnica bee breed
  • I also beekeeping with Segeberger and Carnica K├Ânigin,
    Early season was very bad, as the fruit blossom and acacia quickly rained off (unfortunately no rapeseed nearby).
    On the other hand, the chestnut & linden tree was brutally honeyed that tore out a lot.
  • I don't count hours at all! I don't count kilometers either. My bee cinema gives me more than the TV program!
    Perhaps it has already become an addiction. And the income is way higher than the expenses when you are
    Equipment together.
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  • @ wulleg60
    Beekeeping is a great hobby where you can also make good money if you have everything together, as you say.
    In the beginning, the profits turn back into investments, e.g. Frames, frames and other fun to try out.
    Since you don't stick to the number of peoples as you first set it as your goal.

    I'm also a beekeeper, I think I've watched thousands of YouTube videos, you shouldn't disturb your own bees so often.
  • Hello,
    I have had my bees since the summer of 2017. From the 5-10 bee colonies in the original plan, there are now 20 WV and an additional z. At the moment it has become 7 offshoots that I will feed this year and send into the winter.

    I'm still a long way from an economic plus or even black zero. Not only the necessary investments, but also bad purchases, bad decisions, or other experiments still have a major impact.
    The honey yield this year was also more than bad, which was definitely my fault - only I don't know the mistakes made here at the moment and am therefore still looking for the causes.

    The only positive thing is that the demand for my honey remains high. More than I can currently serve, which gives hope that someday I will get into the black zero area.

    In terms of nationality, I am at the limit with my 20 WV. Even now it is more work than I would like, but it is also nice with so many bee colonies.

    In the coming year I will focus more on creating and marketing offspring. Perhaps then the beehive will be a little more balanced and my finance minister will also get the wrinkles on his forehead and a smile on his face.

    I still don't really believe whether there will ever be an economic surplus for me, but I will always try to hold out the prospect of it in discussions with my wife.

    I am currently drawing my added value out of the joy of bees and face the challenges posed by the colonies on a daily basis. The many nice contacts and conversations with customers and interested visitors to our hobby beekeeping give me something back personally.
    As long as the demand for our honey is still greater than I can meet with our offer, I see myself on a positive path.
    I won't get rich from beekeeping. I am not economically dependent on the income either. However, I will not sell my honey below my price on a regular basis, because I attribute a certain value to this product.

    I wish everyone good luck with the bees,
    much joy in the people, always full honey pots

    Greetings from the Cuximker
    Negative actions only turn into mistakes if you repeat them - until then it is learning processes that should help you.

    Max. Target population = 20 Buckfast economic peoples have been achieved.
    20 WV Buckfast in Dadant US mod. Wooden hives
    6 cuttings from 2019 in cuttings boxes of 6
    1 queen parked in mini plus styrofoam hives
    divided into 3 allotment gardens
  • I would like to report back to me. My PC IS STILL IN REPAIR and I have to wait until I get it back
    Greeting [[bee environment]]
  • Hello with PC IS OK again and I would like to wish everyone a healthy 2020 and, above all, healthy and productive bee colonies. I hope that the weather will slowly level out and that we will have a good forage year 2020. THIS WISHES you all the bee environment