What is Valentino Syndrome

The David Bowie Syndrome

Do you remember where you were or what you were doing when you found out about it?

As a reminder: The news broke - so "breaking news" - like a tsunami: on television, on the radio, on the Internet. In the paper dinosaurs only with a delay, of course, but they are violent and colorful.

Yes, the mail went off. In English says: The story went ballistic, shot off like a rocket. (Hey, "went ballistic" - would be nice as a new German idiom, wouldn't it?). Or: The story went viral. It spread like a virus.

We are of course talking about the death of the pop star David Bowie.

I don't want to offend too much or appear disrespectful, but to be honest, I don't know a single song by the deceased idols. I have known the name for many years (I only met it in Germany); but somehow his entire career has remained invisible to me. The same applies to Madonna, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Bruce Springsteen and many more.

At least I know the name. When I was talking to my friend Karl the other day about David Bowie, he said, “At least you know who that was. The name didn't mean anything to me. "

Hard to believe, right? There are people who are incredibly educated - and friend Karl is one of them - who still know nothing about David Bowie. I have to ask Karl if the names Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus etc. mean anything to him.

No, I have nothing against David Bowie. I have no doubt that he was a good singer and entertainer. Only, we apparently lived on different planets. He would probably have liked the last sentence - I mean, judging by the various hymns of praise that I briefly read about him in the media.

If a “superstar” (i.e. someone from politics, sports, entertainment) dies (or commits a serious sin), it is for the media like when Christmas and Easter fall on one day. War in Burundi? Pahh! Persecution of the Rohingya? From whom, please? Hey man didn't you hear David Bowie has died! In the meantime I have learned that efforts are being made in England to put his likeness on the 20 pound banknote. Others would like to have the planet Mars renamed after him. And I think I glimpsed somewhere that a new chemical element should be named after him.

And then it said in a Newsweek "teaser" ... I explain: "David Bowie often appears in delusions and hallucinations ... The recently deceased Sternmann is, it is said, a common phenomenon among people struggling with psychoses."

When Rudolf Valentino died, his fans also went ballistic: riots, suicide attempts, etc. But back then there was no information revolution. So everything was kept within limits. Never heard of Rudolph Valentino? He was one of the very first superstars of American cinema, a longing beautiful boy who died in 1926 at the age of 31.

Another irreverent thought: what happens if several people soon claim that they have addressed their prayers to David Bowie to be cured of a serious illness ... And lo and behold! Have you been healed?

Was David Bowie Catholic? Do you have to be Catholic to be canonized? I'm not a theologian.

In the Engl. The Guardian newspaper said it was “His death was a work of art”. I didn't read any further, but somehow the sentence is correct.

Thank you, David Bowie. Thanks for the "hits", thanks for the advertising, thanks for the sales - oh and for the music.