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What is FM And what does a facility manager actually do?

Facility management jobs are for highly qualified professionals - mostly academics who have completed a facility management degree. They are not involved in building management themselves. Facility managers are not caretakers! Rather, they are looking for suitable providers for work that occurs, such as building cleaning or energy management. They manage the operation of the buildings and ensure that they can be used and managed efficiently. Facilities management jobs are something for real all-rounders, because the area of ​​responsibility is extensive. For the facility manager training, technical as well as organizational as well as commercial skills are useful. The smooth running of the entire technical infrastructure only works if the relationships are known and an overview is maintained. The infrastructure includes energy and gas supply, internet, post, waste disposal, sewage, roads, bike paths and sidewalks. The maintenance of these areas is carried out by various service providers, such as B. electrical engineers, cleaning service providers or security providers. To coordinate this, you need a personality who can lead and delegate. You need good judgment and decision-making skills as well as self-organization.

News in facility management

News from facility management training and facility management companies can be found on our news page as well as answers to the question of what a facility manager earns or what is part of operator responsibility in FM. And of course also entertaining.

Recruiting young talent with Building Technology Day 2021

20 companies from the Gesamtverband Gebäudetechnik e.V. (VGT) and the Industrial Association for Technical Building Equipment and Energy Technology Nord e.V. (ITGA) organized this year's digital building technology day on March 19, 2021. The aim of the event was to provide target group-specific information to young people about the technical building equipment sector and about the professions and career opportunities in the sector

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LEG development secures management

In order to ensure the early age-related succession in the management of LEG Development, the company appointed Jost de Jager to the management on January 1, 2022. He replaces Burkhard Schmütz, who is leaving the management as planned. De Jager will join LEG as a general representative with immediate effect and will support the management in current and new ones

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Caverion appoints acting head

On January 19, 2021 Manfred Simmet was appointed acting head of the Caverion Division Germany. He will continue his current position as Head of the Caverion Division Austria and member of the Group Management Board of the Caverion Corporation. The 54-year-old has been with Caverion since 2008 and succeeds Frank Krause, who took over the management of

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Three repositioning at Pom +

On February 1st, Pom + Consulting AG carried out several restructurings in the company. In addition to COO Dennis Goedde, Stefan Schneider is now a new member of the management team. He will take over the management of the Future Lab business unit. The 33-year-old has been involved in various projects at pom + for over six years, including: as overall project manager for large public projects. also

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CAFM provider expands management team

AT + C EDV, a provider of CAFM software in Germany, has expanded its management team. Until recently, founder and managing director Wolfgang Schröder was the sole shareholder of the company. Michael Brüning has now joined the company as a co-partner and has also been the managing director since January 1, 2021. He has been Head of AT + C Sales for five years. Managing director Wolfgang Schröder is rethinking in the medium term

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IHK Munich sworn in Albert Holzhey

The IHK Munich and Upper Bavaria has sworn in Albert Holzhey as an expert in the field of "IT focus on hardware, especially building automation". Holzhey is office manager at the real estate consulting and planning office Canzler in Munich. Companies from the real estate industry, courts or insurance companies appoint him as an expert in order to have damage and defects in the area of ​​building automation determined neutrally and independently.

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