Does it hurt your back to be pregnant?

Back pain during pregnancy - what helps?

To keep moving

Please be sure to note: In the case of sharp pains and those that last for several days, you can be very limited and not relieved by gentle movements, as well as in the event of numbness or other newly occurring symptoms, please see a doctor! Only use pain relievers in consultation with your doctor! No pregnant woman has to put up with the pain. There are some things that bring relief:

"During pregnancy, the body has to constantly reorganize itself, the whole feeling changes, sometimes even daily," says Heike Gross. That is why for all three experts one point comes first when it comes to relieving back pain: moving as much as possible! Not only small entanglements and shifts in the joints can be jerked back with it. "Movement keeps the body relaxed and strengthens the muscles," says Gross.

  • Sports scientist Nina Ferrari recommends taking at least 10,000 steps a day - that's a good basis for every pregnant woman.
  • If you sit a lot, you can help yourself like this: get up again and again, take a few steps, stretch, stretch and loll around.
  • Circling your shoulders and head more often, place your left ear on your left shoulder and your right ear on your right shoulder.
  • "Stand with your legs apart and let your pelvis circle, preferably several times a day," says Nina Ferrari. Alternative for more variety: "Imagine a brush is attached to your tailbone and you use it to paint circles or numbers on the floor," recommends Heike Gross. You can also do this exercise while standing on four feet.
  • Make sure to allow time for a walk during your lunch break.
  • Whether at the desk at home or at work: a wedge or ball cushion ensures that you sit more upright. With a ball seat instead of an office chair, you sit a little more agitated yourself.
  • Good for in between in everyday work and at home: go into the four-legged position, loll around and feel - which movement is good for me? Where is tension loosening? By the way: employers are obliged to provide resting places for pregnant employees. "Ask about it and use it to relieve your back," says Zohra Schardt.
  • Very important: the posture. "I recommend my pregnant women to consciously sit up straight after getting up in the morning and start the day upright. To do this, first stretch yourself while standing, straighten your pelvis, bring your stomach towards you, keep your head straight , and put your shoulders back and down, "explains midwife Zohra Schardt. The best thing to do during the day is to remind yourself briefly and to straighten up again.
  • Exercise as regularly as possible - at least once a week, more often would be better. "Swimming, walking, Pilates, yoga or training in the gym - a combination of strength and endurance training is ideal," says Nina Ferrari. Recommended: Special courses for pregnant women particularly address the complaints that arise.