How can I use the rupee symbol

The Indian rupee now has its own symbol

After much deliberation, the Indian government found a symbol for the local currency rupee on Thursday (Fig. Above, right; see also How would you design a symbol for the rupee and confusion about the new rupee symbol). The stylized Roman R with two strokes on the head, like the symbols for the euro, dollar, yen or pound, is intended to become a symbol of a stable currency that is recognized worldwide. At a cabinet meeting, the ministers selected the new symbol from 3000 proposals; on the last circulating shortlist this symbol was not included.

The student is the creator of the new currency symbol Udaya Kumar, who studies at the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay and received prize money of 250,000 rupees (4,200 euros) for his proposal. He explained his design to the press as follows: ┬╗My design is based on our flag, with two lines on the head and a white space. I wanted the symbol of the rupee to be reminiscent of the Indian flag. It's the perfect mix of Indian and Roman characters: the capital letter 'R' and the Devanagari character 'ra', which represents the rupee, appeals to both Indian and international eyes. "