Which tabletop role-playing game is the most sophisticated

The best free role-playing games for Android

Steffen Zellfelder

How about a role reversal? We took a look around the Play Store and put together the most exciting role-playing games for Android that are currently available for free. Charming niche titles also make it onto the winners' podium.

EnlargeThe best RPG games for Android - Man or Vampire

Role-playing games have always been one of the most popular genres among computer games, and it is no different on mobile platforms. Because the Play Store is teeming with good and bad titles, we took the trouble and separated the wheat from the chaff. The sheer variety makes it impossible to list all the exciting titles - but here you will find a healthy mix of genres that has the right free game ready for every RPG enthusiast. Variety is required in a double sense, as the top candidates are often role-playing games with crossover elements from other game categories.

The retro title Kaufmann is such a candidate: As the boss of your own hero empire, you hire characters here who then risk life and limb for you in dark dungeons or in the fight against angry golems. Titles like I Became A Dog promise a new perspective on life, in which you suddenly have to assert yourself as a four-legged friend, true to the title. The game Don't get fired! from Korea. Here you have to assert yourself against all conceivable opposition in a job market that simply does not want you.