Is eBIZ multilevel marketing

surely you have the term Network marketing (often also referred to as multilevel marketing - MLM) heard many times and heard many more or less understandable, correct or incorrect explanations.

I would like to explain this term to you as precisely as possible.

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This term comes from English and consists of two fundamentally different terms: Network and Marketing.

or Networking In German means to live and work in a network or in a relationship network.
This activity is as old as there are people in the world and means nothing more than to get in contact with other people, Relationships to build up and care for other people, to build a circle of acquaintances and friends and also to start a family.

You see: this is nothing mysterious or unknown.
You do it practically every day, whether you're shopping, at work or in private.

marketing means marketing.
It is a collective term from business administration.
This includes all activities, strategies and advertising measures to bring a product or service to the woman (customer) at a profit.

In the first place, these two terms, activities, have nothing to do with each other.

In the second regard, however, there are essential connections here:

Without a functioning network of producers, suppliers and customers, even the best marketing will come to nothing.
So networking is a prerequisite for successful marketing.

Every company, every successful business and every corporation, all of them have built up a more or less large network, so they are networking!

The compound term Network marketing thus includes both areas.
Using certain marketing instruments, you build up a network of like-minded people in order to successfully improve your income and thus your quality of life with products and / or services.

In ours we teach you how to apply and use these instruments and what you need to know about them free Online seminars. 

Business idea and philosophy

Our business and life philosophy is very simple:

Give first, then receive!
Every farmer and every gardener must first sow and then harvest later.

Help your partner to become successful and you will be successful!
If you support your partners and their prospects and help them to successfully build their network and business, they will bring you further prospects and partners so that your network and thus your business will grow steadily.

What do we offer our partners (networkers)?

  • We offer you a complete, turnkey and easy-to-understand network business concept:
  • Free seminars and workshops in which we provide you with all the necessary knowledge with lots of practical instructions that can be implemented immediately.
  • All means and tools necessary for establishing and maintaining your contacts and partners.
  • Up to 16 income opportunities in one "job".
  • After a short time, a permanent, lifelong passive income of at least 1,000 euros per month, which is growing steadily.

This brings desires and dreams that have already been pushed aside within reach.

 What do you have to invest?

You really want to take your life and your future into your own hands, freely and independently enjoy your life and your future and that of your loved ones?
Then you only need to invest some time to get to know the instruments, to acquire the knowledge and then to apply both.

Surely this system is not free. But even with 5 partners you can cover your costs with it. So everyone can afford the low operating fees - even as a Hartz IV recipient.

Have we piqued your curiosity?

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Attention networkers !! The chance for your business !!

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