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    iPad (Apple)
    PC (Windows)
    Smartphone (Android)
    Smartphone (Windows)
    Tablet (Windows)
    Tablet PC (Android)
    Tested version: 3.0.3
  • Developer Red Jumper

  • Minimum age 5 years
  • Genre creative app
  • Platforms other
    iPad (Apple)
    PC (Windows)
    Smartphone (Android)
    Smartphone (Windows)
    Tablet (Windows)
    Tablet PC (Android)
    Tested version: 3.0.3
  • Developer Red Jumper

Book Creator allows the creation of multimedia eBooks on the iPad, which can then be printed out, exported and shared as required.

Brief assessment

All in all, the Book Creater is a very flexible creative app that is easy to use, even for very young children. Different media contents can be combined in one e-book. A variety of meaningful and supportive employment scenarios are possible in which children can put together image materials and work with texts or write and speak texts themselves.


The "Book Creator" app is an extremely easy-to-use tool for creating eBooks on the iPad. Children can combine pictures, videos, texts, small sketches and even sound into a digital book at home or in school.
The app can be used universally as a learning app. Schoolchildren can use it to easily produce eBooks with permanently divided pages based on division of labor and put together a multimedia portfolio for a learning project, e.g. for each letter of the alphabet or for other tasks. For younger children, for example, it is advisable to combine your own pictures with texts. Children without writing skills can speak texts using the iPad's recording function - Siri must be available and activated for this.
With Book Creator, children learn how media are created and can print out their own work at the end. Further possibilities are: Children combine a picture they have painted on each page with a spoken sentence that can be heard as an audio file in the book. Older people can work out multimedia research books or write poems that they speak. The possible uses are very diverse and there are almost no limits to the creativity of the user.

Different versions
Currently (2018) there are two iOs versions of Book Creator, namely "Book Creator for iPad" and "Book Creator One". The latter is a limited free version that can only be used to create a book and which then has to be activated by in-app purchase. "Book Creator for iPad", on the other hand, is a full version from the start that does not offer any further in-app purchases. This version is also one that was designed for school lessons. In terms of content, functions and design, the two versions do not differ significantly from each other. The only difference is that "Book Creator for iPad" includes the additional feature "Publish Online". However, this is only possible with a linked teacher account and an additional login or registration with Google, Office 365 or via email address.
There is a new version of Book Creator for the Chrome browser, which basically runs on all devices on which Chrome is installed. We haven't tested this version yet.

© Screenshots: 2014 Red Jumper Studio


Despite the simple interface, there are no limits to creativity. The children can create their own works alone or together and save them. Thanks to the recording function, even small children without writing skills can enjoy creating.

Fun rating: very good

Educational evaluation

  • Target group elementary school children
    Pedagogical professionals / teachers
    Secondary level 1 students
    Preschool children / school beginners
  • Topics painting & creative design
    practical media work
  • Color in employment & interaction
    to paint
    dub and record
  • Didactic focus on musical and creative education

Pedagogical aspects

This multimedia app releases creativity and stimulates the imagination. It is also well suited for use in media education. For example, students can work on topics in groups and create books for them, or teachers can use the app to provide portfolios or similar that can be used and possibly edited by students.

Suitability for the target group

The app is not aimed at any specific age group. It can be used by children as well as adults, beginners as well as advanced users.
Thanks to the simple and intuitive operation and the voice input function, both small children and older, less tech-savvy people can use the application well.

Time management

Due to the almost limitless possibilities of this app, dealing with it is quite time-consuming. If large books are to be designed, this can take a few hours. The progress can be saved at any time; however, it is not possible for the parents to limit the period of use.

What adults can talk to children about

depending on the content of the self-created book

Possible uses in media educational practice

Reading / writing promotion, portfolio work

Educational evaluation: very good

Security and Cost
Child, youth, data and consumer protection

  • Parents area Parents area does not exist
  • Advertising & online shopping ad-free
  • Communication services e-mail function (friends
    Link to the provider's homepage
    not childproof
    Upload offers
    e.g. to YouTube / Google+
  • Child and youth protection rather problematic
  • Fully functional offline usability
  • Sales model paid full version


The paid full version "Book Creator for iPad" is available for € 5.49 (iOS). The free version "Book Creator One" is also available in the App Store. However, this is more of a test version. You can create an eBook for free. If you want to generate more, you have to purchase the full version via in-app purchase (5.49 €). The versions for Android and Windows have been discontinued. "Book Creator for Chrome" runs on all systems via the Chrome browser.

Child, youth and data protection

The Book Creator offers many possibilities to transfer the created or edited book to other apps via an export in ePub format, to export it to any storage location or to the school server or to read it in the eBook reader. Basically - and this makes Book Creator one of the few eBook creation apps - neither access to an exchange platform nor any other authentication or user account is necessary.
There are also no links to social networks or advertisements.
The app includes offers to upload to Dropbox or Google Drive, as well as an e-mail function to send the books to friends, acquaintances or others. These functions should not be used in educational use. They can only be blocked by disconnecting from the Internet.
The app would like permission to use the possibly existing mobile data line. A short error message appears if you prevent this via the data protection settings.
A link to support is integrated in the user interface of the app. There, further information on how to carry out various work steps is given in a very clear form (but in English).

Security and costs: Well

Operation, design and technology

  • Rotate touch & motion sensitivity
    to press
  • Navigation simple, clear
  • Design: Text, image & tone-clear, high-contrast coloring
    clearly designed
    Incomplete translation of the texts into German
  • Language settings German

The app only offers a few selection menus and follows the standards. The "plus" symbol stands for inserting new elements and the small "i" for the options menu that matches the selected object.

Operation and technology: very good

Links to the stores on the net

Apple App Store

Tested version

  • App version 3.0.3
  • Date of publication of the reviewed version: May 29, 2014



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