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Dialect? Accent?

In a pronunciation course or individual pronunciation training (online) you will learn through targeted exercises to improve your pronunciation in German, to approach the standard German norm and to use your individual pronunciation variants flexibly.

Be better understood!

Pronunciation with accent

Do you want to minimize your accent?

Speaking a language does not only mean mastering the grammar and having a large vocabulary. The pronunciation (phonetics) also plays an important role!

Good pronunciation makes it easier for others to understand you - it makes you feel more comfortable and confident in conversational situations. In addition, especially in professional situations, you will often be judged on the basis of your accent: the less accent, the more competent and credible you will be perceived.

In my accent training you will learn to speak High German clearly and with less accent.

Interested? Click here for more information on accent training!

Pronunciation in dialect

Would you like to speak better standard German?

Your dialect is an essential and important part of your identity and personality and is basically like a second mother tongue. Actually enviable!

Nevertheless, there may be situations, e.g. at work or in public, in which your dialect stands in the way: You are not understood by everyone, maybe not always taken seriously and you can immediately hear which region you come from. You can change that!

In my dialect training you will learn to speak High German clearly and with less dialect.

Interested? You can find more information about dialect training here!


Would you like to improve your pronunciation as a private person? Use pronunciation training: as face-to-face or online training

First, we will analyze your pronunciation and determine goals together. Listening exercises, speaking exercises, explanations of sound formation and rules will help you improve your pronunciation and speak with less accent.

Everything you additionally need for a pronunciation training ONLINE:

  • a computer with a stable internet connection
  • a skype account
  • an audio connection (headset) and a webcam

If you would like to find out more about the pronunciation training (face-to-face or online) or would like to arrange an information conversation directly, I would be happy to hear from Your call or your message!

Are you a language institute and would like to add a pronunciation course to your range of courses?

If you would like to talk more about a suitable format, I would be happy to hear from you Your call or your message!