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Ruhr Souvenirs - discover beautiful souvenirs from the Ruhr area

Do you want to bring your loved ones a little something back home from your trip to the Ruhr area? Then you have various Ruhr souvenirs to choose from. For example, you can use Ruhr souvenirs with real mining charm - such as small charcoal bags or pit soap.

Ruhrpott posters and T-shirts are very popular. If you want to give away a culinary spice-up, you will find spicy curry sauces. Exactly the right dip for the typical currywurst with french fries at home. You can find the Ruhr souvenirs in the following online shops:

The Ruhrgebietsladen

In addition to many local souvenirs such as a bag full of coal and pit soap, the Ruhrgebietsladen sells authentic Revier products with high practical value such as cloth bags, barbecue aprons, iPhone cases and French fries. But works of art or classic souvenirs are not neglected either. In short: everything a nostalgic heart desires!

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Pit Heroes

Behind the name Grubenhelden is a young fashion start-up from the Ruhr area. While all mines are gradually closing in the home of the mine heroes, their traditional history is being told in a modern way with the fashion label. Original cuts and high-quality materials are a matter of course for the young team of the fashion start-up.

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Coal children

Run by an exiled Essener, the “Kohlenkinder” online shop offers real Ruhrpott friends and those who want to become one a large selection of funny products in real Ruhrpott German. Whether t-shirts, hoodies bags or coffee mugs. Here you will find everything that the heart of the Ruhr Valley desires. Pott is where the hammer hangs. An attitude towards life that many only realize at second glance. Even for non-Ruhr area residents

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POTTpeople is a value mediator and home lobbyist. As a record label, it gives urban newcomers the chance to present themselves confidently in the music scene. The certified fair trade products are lovingly finished in the small POTTpeople manufactory and given a label on which the brand's cultural appeal is denounced in bold block letters in white on black: SHOW WHERE YOU COME FROM.

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Pot Presents

With "Pottpräsente", Tour de Ruhr has a page on offer where seekers can find everything their heart desires: big and small things as well as gifts with a 100% sense of home for loved ones at home or for themselves.

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Ruhr fire

Ruhrfeuer is the only handcrafted gourmet curry sauce made from high quality natural ingredients. In a nutshell: our brand history. In search of the best curry sauce in the world, the two gastro professionals Dietmar Haubold and Timo Winter experimented until they found the perfect ingredients for the Ruhrfeuer curry sauce. The result: the best quality from the Ruhr area for pure enjoyment - even for vegetarians and vegans!

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Dysentery consumption

Ruhr Konsum has set itself the goal of offering the widest possible range of creative souvenir ideas from the pot. In the online shop you will find a large selection of quality brands such as "Grubenmann" or "Revierkind". If you are looking for local gifts for family and friends, you should definitely stop at Ruhr Konsum.

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As real “Ruhrpottkindas”, the guys from Ruhrpott Kohla have a strong connection to mining and the Ruhr area. At the end of 2011, the two boys Maik and Markus launched the Ruhrpott Cola under the motto “We used to mine coal and today we make Coke!”, For which, in addition to the drink, other typical Ruhr merchandise is now available!

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In love with the Ruhr

You know it: the feeling of home. Sometimes really easy, sometimes impossible to describe, but really always noticeable. Nowhere better than here - that is the slogan of the streetwear label Ruhrverliebt from Essen. Far from big department stores and off-the-peg clothing, they design and sell clothes with a heart. Urban, casual look meets honest, clear messages.

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