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Translation of "help someone with something" in spanish

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What really happened is me to help someone wanted.
He will be before to help someone.
11 years of therapy and finally I can to help someone.
Or I could to help someonewho needs help.
A woman called me by name and told me to to help someone.
So what if you to help someone want.
You thought you could to help someoneto steal the deuridium transport.
Tenía la sensación de que podías estar ayudando a alguien a robar el cargamento de deuridio.
Every time I do to help someone want, everything will get worse.
If to help someone who is bleeding to death ...
You can think of to help someone to let.
Good thing Millie to help someone could.
Taking into account your frame of mind, you could have a conversation with to help someone.
I can't hold the camera and at the same time to help someone.
I don't think it's bad if you to help someone want.
He was hurt because of him to help someone wanted.
A man who to help someone wanted the one he loved.
I said I had to someone at the homework help.
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