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  • supports you in the qualitative content analysis of unstructured data such as interviews, focus groups, video and audio files, PDFs and more
  • also has mixed methods data analysis and quantitative content analysis functions
  • has a wide range of visualization tools such as word clouds, diagrams and mind maps
  • includes various options for transcribing and analyzing interviews
  • is 100% identical on Windows and Mac
  • developed by researchers for researchers

Test the current version of MAXQDA for 30 days free of charge

Download the 30-day demo version and test MAXQDA with your own data or use our sample projects to get to know MAXQDA better. After completing the form, you will receive an email with the link to download it and additional links to learning resources - such as video tutorials and the online manual.

Central functions of MAXQDA

The # 1 software for qualitative research

Use MAXQDA to organize your entire research project. Import interview transcripts, focus group discussions, online surveys (e.g. from Survey Monkey), websites, images, audio and video files, tables, bibliographic information, YouTube comments or even tweets from Twitter.

Organize your material in groups or user-defined sets, link text passages with one another, and work with your colleagues in a team.

Coding and output

Code the information in your data with different codes and use colors, symbols or emoticons. The process is child's play via drag-and-drop, but you can also search your data for certain terms and have the results coded automatically. The output of the encoded data works just as quickly and efficiently with just a few clicks.

Notes & Summarize

Write notes (memos) and attach them almost anywhere - on documents, codes or directly on your data. Summarize important passages, paraphrase your data to develop a system of categories or create topic-related case summaries. With MAXQDA's Memos, Summaries and Paraphrases, you have powerful tools at your disposal for all phases of your project and all notes and summaries are always at a glance!


Search project-wide or specifically only within certain documents, memos or coded segments to search for single or multiple words. The interactive results window allows you to jump from the list of search results directly to the context of the place where it was found and search results can be automatically coded and saved for later analysis. You can also do a simple text search directly in each of the four main windows to make it easy to find.

Analyze and transcribe media files

The choice is yours: Use MAXQDA to encode your audio and video files directly without having to create a transcript beforehand - because media files can be encoded, output, commented and weighted just like text.

Or create a transcript in which you can play the corresponding passage in the media file with one click for each paragraph.

When transcribing with MAXQDA, nothing is left to be desired: Define the playback speed and the rewind interval and use the F-keys to increase your work speed. You can even connect a foot pedal to speed up the process even further.

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The Mixed methods software

MAXQDA offers an unmatched variety of mixed methods functions so that you can also include quantitative analysis methods in your qualitative data analysis. Convert your results to frequencies, import results from online studies, or create graphs automatically. MAXQDA adapts flexibly to your research project.

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