What is the best pastry shop in Paris

The 8 best pastry chefs in Paris

These are the real moments of happiness: Spending a weekend in Paris, stopping at a patisserie and being enchanted by all the delicacies in the showcase. Or even better: try it! We'll tell you about the 8 very best pastry shops in Paris.


One of the oldest pastry chefs in Paris can be found in the lively pedestrian zone of Rue Montorgueil: Stohrer's delicious cakes have been served over the counter since 1730. The charlotte aux fraises,Chocolate cake, millefeuillesand babas au rhum.

Definitely try:les puits d'amour(Puff pastries with jam filling)

51 Rue Montorgueil, Paris, 2nd arr. (Les Halles / Montorgueil)

Pierre Hermé

According to connoisseurs, the best pastry chef in Paris. No wonder that long queues sometimes form in front of the door because the macarons with their exciting flavors (e.g. foie gras or basil-lime) are so popular. The tartlets are also famous and Ispahan, a large rose-flavored macaron with a lychee and raspberry filling, has now achieved cult status.

Not to be missed:l’Ispahan(Macaron with rose-lychee flavor, see above)

72 Rue Bonaparte, Paris, 6th arr. (Saint-Germain-des-Prés) and 6 other addresses

L’Eclair de genie

Pastry chef Christopher Adam breathed new life into the eclair because he not only handles chocolate or pistachio cream filling (as most pastry chefs do), but because he turns it into real works of art. That has become such a hit (éclair de genie is actually a stroke of genius) that he has already opened 5 branches in Paris in the last 3 years.

Don't ignore: the chocolate eclair with pecans.

14 Rue Pavée, Paris, 2nd arr. (Marais)

Patisseries des Rêves

Pastry chef Philippe Conticini likes to give his classic French sweets a pure and modern look. This is best recognized by his eclairs, which he wraps in a thin layer of chocolate. The creations lie beneath futuristic-looking bells, but that shouldn't put you off!

Definitely try: Mont-Blanc, an elegant tart with chestnut cream

93 Rue du Bac, Paris, 7th arr. (Saint-Germain / Bon Marché)

Gerard Mulot

This well-known pastry chef in Saint-Germain-des-Prés is conveniently located next to the Jardin du Luxembourg. So it's ideal to stock up on a sweet break in the park. Mulot has made a name for itself with its macarons, but the lemon and fruit cakes are also top quality.

Do not miss: the lemon tart with meringue (if you like the sweet version)

76 Rue de Seine, Paris, 6th arr. (Saint-Germain-des-Prés / Luxembourg)

Arnaud Delmontel

Almost everyone knows this master pastry chef in the higher part of the gastronomic mile Rue des Martyrs, not far from the hip Hotel Amour. His bread, baguettes and croissants are delicious, but the tartlets are also a feast for the eyes!

Recommended: the Réligieuse (two cream puffs with chocolate cream)

39 Rue des Martyrs, Paris, 9th arr. (SoPi / Martyrs)

Patisserie des Martyrs (Sébastien Gaudard)

The pastel-colored shop, the floor of which is decorated with motifs from the 19th century, is a feast for the eyes! This is the realm of the successful pastry chef Sébastien Gaudard, who recently opened a pastry shop with a tea room next to the Tuileries. The young chef has a penchant for classic French tartlets like sainte-honoré, tarte au citron, baba au rhum and mont-blanc.

Do not miss: the Paris-Brest - not too sweet, creamy and with an intense almond and hazelnut taste inside.

22 Rue des Martyrs, Paris, 9th arr. (SoPi / Martyrs)

Acide macaron

The young pastry chef Jonathan Blot (formerly Plaza Athenée) is the new star in the Parisian confectionery sky. He made a name for himself with his feather-light macarons in fluorescent colors, but also delicious, small tarts, decorated with gold leaf or blue flowers, are part of his repertoire. You can try it right in his tea salon in the Batignollles district - between crazy teapot lamps above the silver designer chairs.

Definitely cost: the creamy white quark tart with speculoos

24, Rue des Moines, Paris, 17. Arr. (Batignolles),

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