What makes you helpless

Believe that you have no control over your feelings.

This is a surefire strategy for anything from severe depression to panic attacks and seemingly uncontrollable anxiety. If you believe that you are at the mercy of your feelings, then you feel helpless and powerless and that - as science has found - is the ideal breeding ground for depression and even suicidal thoughts. Feelings of helplessness and powerlessness are among the feelings that cause the greatest damage in people's lives.

The stupidest thing you can do if you want to keep being miserable It would be if you would join the experts, including me, who say that you are your own lucky Schmid and who offer you a lot of self-help strategies to control and influence your feelings.

And it would be even more stupid if you started telling yourself, "I can learn to overcome my negative feelings. I just learned to feel bad in certain situations, so I can learn to feel good too. Me determine how I feel. " If you thought that way, you would either prevent the feelings that are paralyzing and hindering you from occurring in the first place or you would change them. You would see yourself as the captain of your emotions and have the feeling that you have your life and your feelings under control.

Remember: If you want to feel helpless and depressed, tell yourself that others can hurt your feelings and that you are at the mercy of your feelings.

If you accept that everyone makes their own feelings - namely through their thoughts - and everyone has the ability to learn to influence their feelings, then you feel strong and depression has no chance.

Your thoughts and self-talk determine your feelings. And who decides which thoughts rule your life?