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How do you become a team angler?

  • Hannes.lfh

    Hey Community, I've often met people who are team anglers, now I wonder how you actually become a team angler. Since it already has certain advantages, I would be very interested.
    Thanks in advance

    06.06.17 12:165
  • Sir finesse

    I would like to know that too :)

    06.06.17 12:192
  • Moritz B.

    Think like you would become a pro in other sports.

    Better than the others, more commitment, more perseverance ...

    06.06.17 13:543

    There are various options that can qualify you as a team angler ... at least I think πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸ» Having a lot of knowledge and being a good angler is often not enough in itself. Instead, the following criteria can be decisive, you have to stand out from the crowd:

    - You are a guide with a lot of customers
    - You have a wide reach (YouTube, Facebook, blog, etc)
    - You are very committed, for example you help with detailed and high-quality test reports or the like
    - You already work for the manufacturer or in the fishing industry in general
    - You have the right relationships 😝

    There are certainly other ways and sometimes a lot of knowledge is enough. But these are probably the most common ways πŸ‘πŸ»

    06.06.17 14:584

    Oh yes, and as soon as you are of course active in competitions or dust off good placements, that is certainly a good "application" for a place as a team angler

    06.06.17 15:003
  • Florian Engelke

    I can confirm Angeldealz's points from my circle of friends and also through my path. First and foremost, companies are looking for people who, on the one hand, naturally attract a certain amount of attention and thus make the products better known and, on the other hand, have the knowledge to further develop and improve the devices, baits etc. in cooperation with the companies.

    As a guide you have a lot of time on the water and you have the customers who can of course test the new products directly on the water. If you use social media a lot and in high quality, you will eventually fall into the field of influencer marketing. This finances, for example, I go fishing, pike and perch and the whole Instagram business.

    I made my way through various blogs for which I wrote and in addition, I took part in many competitions with good results. Traveling a lot and fishing many bodies of water didn't hurt either and so I was lucky enough to land at Spro / Gamakatsu.

    07.06.17 11:154
  • Brosef.H & B

    Upload good photos with the fish and the respective products of the brand on all social networks and mark your target team on them. The brand has to draw attention to you. Then try to establish contact with a team angler of the brand and then try to join the team to come .. But of course it is also particularly important as an angler to always be present and a certain know-how should not be missing ...

    07.06.17 11:381
  • floor radio

    But what do you get out of it if you are a 'team angler'? Then you are under pressure to succeed, are you only allowed to fish tackle from one brand and pose for selfies at trade fairs across Germany? Is that so desirable?

    07.06.17 12:1213
  • Unknown

    He certainly thinks that he can get tackle and bait etc. cheaply. I would also be thrilled to be at a trade fair in the best fishing weatherπŸ˜‰

    07.06.17 12:150
  • corridor radio

    It was also expressed in an extra provocative way by me. Sure, the whole tackle gets for free. But you also have to do a lot for it and I'm not sure if that is not also a bit of exploitation ...

    07.06.17 12:234
  • Nombre988

    I once talked to babs at a fishing master show ... it's not easy:
    -be ready to travel with no ifs or buts.
    - Rotate and cut videos
    - Write a blog and always stay interesting
    - Catch fish regardless of ifs or buts
    - Private life is usually neglected
    and of course to appeal to the masses. not everyone can do that.

    I prefer fishing like that!

    07.06.17 12:333
  • Unknown

    I put it like this: self-chosen misery
    It certainly has advantages, but it is a long way to go until you are as far as the well-known anglers (Matze Koch, Robin Illner and whatever they are called). That is not possible with 2 great fish and a little blah blah. That takes years ...

    07.06.17 12:360
  • Unknown

    Well, if Babs is such a good example nowπŸ€”

    07.06.17 12:481
  • Nombre988

    yes, whether babs or Veit Wilde .... Veit doesn't even manage to take a landing net with him .... and fish that are too small are released with a targeted throw ... In my opinion, Matze Koch is a super likeable and successful angler!

    07.06.17 13:325
  • Felix Fresh Fish

    Veit the best in my opinion

    07.06.17 15:350
  • HardTockLife

    If we all had as much time fishing as the "team / professional anglers", many would have significantly more success here.
    I've also been to Veit link before he doesn't do anything different than most predatory fish anglers !! He can go fishing when most people don't have time.
    VG and Petri

    07.06.17 18:203
  • Sven Haraldson

    the famous team anglers ala Babs Victor Veit and what they are called are just the tip of the team anglers' iceberg.
    most of them will "only" be active in the product test.
    but that too is not easy. reports need to be written and catches presented.
    "Archive fish" are sometimes used.
    for me that would be nothing

    07.10.20 17:360
  • Walex1

    β€œVeit is the best”, the joke is really great🀣🀣🀣

    08.10.20 18:218
  • air_fog

    The second best is Maxi πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    08.10.20 21:074
  • Mitchell

    Oh, you make team angling far too complicated πŸ˜‚ grab your buddy, sit on the water, and you’re a team angler πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ if you’re still wearing the same underpants, all the better πŸ‘πŸ»
    Ask florian what is done to lie and wear. That's nice. And whoever thinks he got everything shoved up the ass is quickly learned wrong.

    09.10.20 06:0810