There is an official Arabic proficiency test

- The free TestAS for refugees can only unique be filed. Participation in the TestAS for refugees with payment is Not possible. If you wish to continue participating, you can register for a regular TestAS appointment (test languages ​​German and English) for a fee: Test dates for the regular TestAS

- If you are registered for the test but do not show up, this will still count as taking part in the test, as a large part of the costs have already been incurred.

- You can each until the end of the registration phase unsubscribe from an examination (email with participant number to: [email protected]). After this point in time, we can no longer guarantee that you will be canceled.

- The access datathat you specify when registering only work for the TestAS for refugees participant portal (TestAS participant portal for refugees). You cannot use it to log into the regular TestAS participant portal.


The following special rules for participation apply

- Should you take the TestAS for refugees on 19th May 2016 you are ready for a second (but no further) participation in the test language Arabic (but not in German or English).

- Should you apply for the TestAS for refugees on May 19, 2016, June 25, 2016 or July 28, 2016 been registered, but did not appear, you are entitled to a second (but no further) registration.

- If you have already taken the TestAS for refugees once and have taken it a second time, but with another subject module want to drop, this is preliminary permitted in the following case: In the first TestAS for refugees in the core test you achieved a standard value of at least 100 (100 or higher) and You have achieved a default value of less than 90 (89 or lower) in the subject module.