How is ambient music different from muzak?

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Magazinrundschau, January 29, 2020[…] e - Reduction, lack of events, calm, whatever is the opposite of 'one on the twelve'. Anyone scouring the internet will come across dozens of flavors and subgenres of Ambient music - idyllic and shimmering in a classic lineage that can be traced back through the chillout music of the nineties to Eno, Harold Budd and Steve Hillage. Space Music in the […]Magazinrundschau, October 24, 2018[…]Ambient music Brian Eno once called his music - but what is now sold under this heading in the immensely popular Spotify playlists by nameless artists to professionally stressed buyers has really hit the dog, William Doyle annoys on the occasion of the upcoming re-release of Eno's style-defining album cycle from the 70s and early 80s: "Today's world is different […]Ivy 03/28/2017[…] and comfort in Ambient music and Muzak, as well as their use in the service of capitalism, should be deconstructed and critically reflected. Can we listen to Brian Eno's 'Music for Airports' without romanticizing airports and the unequal and uncomfortable flow of people and capital they represent? Is there a job for Ambient musicwho have the usual G […] Tears up the flow of thoughts and favors a critical reflection of the ubiquity of capitalist relationships in every space in which we move? ... How does anti-capitalist sound Ambient music? "This audio sample from Kidel's" Disruptive Muzak "offers a first glimpse of this: More: For SZ, Jonathan Fischer portrays the singer Valerie June, who embodies the aesthetics of old folk and […]
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Essay 03/14/2017[…] r-would-prefer-not-a-736487 (2) music (3) (4) ditto (5) I reconstructed Eno's beginnings in detail elsewhere: Drifting Away. On the nirvanology of Ambient music. (6) Peter Sloterdijk, Spheres I, Bubbles. Frankfurt / M 1998, p. 94. This essay owes essential impulses to motives […] Approaches to a new aesthetic (V) Now the starting situation described is certainly a borderline case, if not an ideal case. And "Reflection" is an exceptional piece in every way ambient music. Testimonials from reviewers range from the Bartleby effect ("I would rather not" - be controlled, efficient, available) to increased sensitivity to what is on the mind […] my presence and their "local" activities. The transformation of a spatiotemporally precisely defined scene into a nowhere seems at first to go against the importance of the atmospheric in the Ambient music to speak; Atmospheres are always tied to a specific location in terms of color, density, mood and intensity of experience. But their transmission magic is not just about us in space and time […] By Daniele Dell'Agli

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Essay December 23, 2014[…] Brian Eno took away the travelers' fear of flying or at least the tension and tried to get them in the mood for floating in the air while on the ground - as is well known, the official start of the Ambient music. It is probably no coincidence that Eno's turn to experimental electronic pop minimalism, which had already begun in 1973 in collaboration with Robert Fripp, took place in two hospitals […] Reception of works of art should initiate a discipline oriented towards the art.10 So the atmospheric turn began with music and therapy. Long before the triumph of simulators and data glasses was in the Ambient music an understanding of latent immersion, which etymologically makes sense: ambience comes from "ambire", walking around, but also being surrounded. Create surrounding sounds - in […] Palliative (pallium = the coat); and whoever feels called to ridicule this wrapping up as lulling, only justifies the inconceivable etymology of the lullabie: in the palliative sounds of the Ambient music the eutonizing and soporific promise of the lullaby returns. The transformation of a room into an atmosphere, a tuned room, the word says it all, is always psychoacoustic […] By Daniele Dell'Agli