Is Ellen Pao an active Reddit user

Reddit founder leaves board of directors for black successor

The co-founder of the online platform Reddit, Alexis Ohanian, wants to free up his place on the company's board of directors for an African-American candidate. Ohanian wrote on Twitter on Friday that he asked the panel.

He also wants to use future price gains that he makes with his Reddit shares against racist agitation. As a first step, he wants to support a campaign by NFL star Colin Kaepernick for black youth with a million dollars.

Reddit criticized for profit on inflammatory communities

Reddit has come under fire in the past few days because the platform hosts forums that spread racist content, among other things. The company has banned groups like r / blackpeoplehate and the alt-right forum r / MillionDollarExtreme from the website. A pro-Trump forum, r / TheDonald, has also been "quarantined" to ensure its content does not appear in website searches or recommendations.

Company boss Steve Huffman had published an open letter in support of the protests against racism and police violence. Interim boss Ellen Pao, who resigned in 2015 after about a year, promptly accused the platform of doing too little against racists and hatred and making money with it: "You can't say [Black Lives Matter] when Reddit is white supremacy and hatred all day promotes and monetizes, "she wrote on Twitter. Pao faced massive headwinds in her time at the top of Reddit as she tried to contain aggressive content on the platform. (red, APA, June 6, 2020)