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How to Get Over Your Favorite Band Sucking In 7 Steps

Singers find new styles, bands quarrel and break up - or worse - they popularize their music. If you fall in love with the music of a band or an artist, you've lost anyway. Because no matter how many of their concerts you've been to or how much money you've spent on merchandise - in the end, it's you who have to wait three years for a new album. It's like a long distance relationship. Just without Skype. And when they are back, their music suddenly sounds like a Paulo Coelho reading with jazz music in the background.

In the beginning it will be difficult for you to see that your band just carries on like nothing, because they still have enough other fans. Most of the time it's new fans. Younger fans. But after you get over the initial shock, you too will remember that there are other bands that make good music. But if you still feel like the personification of this meme after two weeks, then here is a list of tips for you on how you can best process your grief.

While some of us can handle shock pretty well, there are other people who it hits pretty hard. Like a shovel on the back of the head. If you are one of the latter - breathe in and out calmly. Eat five bars of chocolate and watch yourself The Notebook, Titanic or Dirty Dancing in a continuous loop. Alternatively, you can also do yoga or alcohol.

2. You can cry

Like any good psychologist or self-help article from the Brigitte, I also advise you - just allow your feelings. It's OK to be sad. Oppression has never been good at any point in human history, and it will not end well in your case either. So cry and scream, let out all of your negative emotions. If need be, also in the form of an Instagram post. And don't force yourself to think the new music is good, because inside you know that it's uncool to include the lyrics "Haters gonna say it's fake" in a song - everyone knows that. Except Justin Timberlake.

In the next phase, it's better to keep a little distance. While you may initially think it's a good idea to listen to all of your favorite band or singer albums on loop - it isn't. Believe me, you are not doing yourself any good with it. And I'm not saying it will be easy Because your emotionally unstable brain cells will make sure that every elevator song will sound like "Killing in The Name" and the guy sitting next to you in the subway will look like Alex Turner. (Like old Alex Turner, not 2018 Mafia boss Alex Turner).

You just drifted apart. Face it. Even if it's difficult - you should at least try to accept that musicians are only people who develop themselves. You probably don't really understand what could suddenly lead a band to incorporate pop elements into their music (tip: it mostly has to do with money, screaming 15-year-olds, or both), but try that Decision to accept the band.

5. Be glad that the music world is not monogamy and live yourself out

Let off steam like a 50-year-old who just got divorced. Be a little "crazy" and try something new and fresh. Don't even try to replace your favorite singer one-on-one. Usher may sound like Michael Jackson, but only if you've had a bottle of LSD-infused absinthe beforehand. This is probably pretty unhealthy in the long run and will only keep you from discovering all the music out there. (Tip: Basically, Spotify is like Tinder, only with a better recommender system and no bad pick-up lines.)

6. You can stay friends

If you have successfully implemented tips 1-5 and left all negative feelings behind, then nothing stands in the way of a true, sincere friendship. Your favorite band has probably been by your side for quite a long time: not only did they help you get through your first lovesickness, they also accompanied you during your 2 cm kajal-are-not-enough phase. It's nice to hear the old songs from time to time and think back to all of that.

7. But don't get your hopes up

Once a cheater always a cheater and the likelihood that your favorite singer will revert to her old style is very small. In the event of a tape breakup - comebacks are pretty much always shit, remember that. Better see yourself a few more times The Notebook on and howl a little more.


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