What are the best SMS ringtones

SMS sounds

An individual SMS sound is important today, because a monotony of input signals can be heard everywhere. We therefore offer very concise SMS sounds so that you don't always accidentally reach for your smartphone when it rings around you. Because many in your immediate vicinity have set the same inbox tone. With us you will of course also find a classic “You have mail!” In the SMS sounds section. All SMS tones are really free and will always be as long as we operate Klingelkasten.de. All notification tones can also be downloaded directly to the mobile phone in the desired audio format, which significantly simplifies installation.

"Whistle" notification tone

A similar tone is known from the Samsung Galaxy. Download here for free for iPhone.

"Signal" ringtone

Download an individual signal ringtone here. For all smartphone operating systems.

"Hello" ringtone

Free download for Android and iPhone.

SMS tone "pause"

Again an entrance tone not only for school and not only for Samsung and Apple devices!

SMS tone "Crunchy"

Short text message tone that sounds like biting into a biscuit. Free for Samsung and Apple!

SMS tone "whistle"

The famous whistle as a notification tone for all possible messengers. Here for free for iPhone and Android.

SMS tone "dot matrix printer"

A message like the beginning of the computer age fresh from the dot matrix printer. Free for all phones!

"Front door" ringtone

Who is ringing the bell at the front door? It's your free ringtone for iPhone and iOS!

"Explosion" ringtone

One, two, three and your phone explodes - whether it's Android or iPhone.

SMS tone "complaining goat"

A grumbling goat for your mobile phone as an SMS tone for Android or iPhone.

SMS tone "Flop"

Trumpet sound as an input signal for free download for iPhone and Android.

"Truck horn USA" ringtone

A real American truck horn rings as a ringtone. You can download it for free for Android and iPhone here.