What is a STEM school

STEM-friendly school

Here you will find all the important information about the "MINT-friendly schools". All types of schools can apply.

The sustainable improvement of STEM teaching in schools is important to us. To this end, we want to honor schools that focus on STEM education. From our point of view, honoring and highlighting schools across the board with an already recognizable, basic MINT focus is necessary and expedient in order to expand MINT education quantitatively and qualitatively in Germany.

The MINT-friendly schools should already be recognizable as such for pupils, parents and companies and should be recognized by the economy. That is why nationwide partners in the “Creating MINT Future” initiative - predominantly in coordination with or together with the state employers' associations and business education institutions - honor schools that set this MINT focus as “MINT-friendly schools”. The aim is to include these schools in a uniform joint process based on a standardized catalog of criteria. The schools fill out a standardized catalog with 14 MINT criteria.

The award with the signet “MINT-friendly school” by nationwide partners within the framework of the educational initiative “MINT Future Creation” (mintzukunftschaffen.de) sees itself as broad support for schools with an already recognizable, fundamental MINT focus.

Six reasons to apply:

  1. Profiling in the mathematical and natural science subjects
  2. Networking with partner companies and MINT ambassadors
  3. Strengthening the STEM subjects
  4. Present the school's offers regionally and nationally
  5. Recognition for work done in the MINT area
  6. Participation in the MINTMAXProgram, the partner program for "MINT-friendly schools"


Use the chance for suggestions, evaluation and, if necessary, honors.

You can find the application documents here.


The honoring partners

Contact for questions about the application process
[email protected]

Further offers and programs for schools with distinctive MINT profiles (such as MINT schools or MINT-EC) can be found at http://www.schulenmachenmint.de

The "MINT-friendly schools" are under the patronage of the Conference of Ministers of Education (KMK).

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