The French celebrate Mother's Day

Mother's Day worldwide: when will it be celebrated in 2021?

Mother's Day worldwide - when is it celebrated where and how?

If mummy, Mum or Mom - Mother is celebrated in most countries of the world on a certain day. The first Mother's Day was from the American Anna Jarvis Initiated in 1907. Because she wanted to honor her own mother. As early as 1914, the Mother's Day officially introduced in the USA and from there spread throughout the world. In Germany, Mother's Day officially falls on the 2nd Sunday in May since 1923 and is celebrated: with flowers, small gifts, cards.

In many countries, Mother's Day is also celebrated at the beginning of May, but by no means in all. So seeMummy in England as early as March, while the Norwegians take their Mor honor in February. The cultural differences become clear when we take a look at the different countries.

Belgium: Here Mother's Day is actually celebrated on the 2nd Sunday in May, just like in Germany. But: not in all parts of the country. The Antwerp region celebrates the Assumption Day, August 15th.

France: For the French, it's only on the last Sunday in May that everything revolves around mothers. Similar to Germany, however, flowers and homemade gifts are also given there.

Great Britain and Ireland: Mother's Day falls here in March. Officially, the date is always on the 4th Sunday of Lent.

Indonesia: Here the mothers are celebrated on December 22nd.

Iran: In Iran, Mother's Day is celebrated on the birthday of the daughter of the Prophet Mohammed, Fatima bint Mohammed.

Israel: There Mother's Day falls on the 30th day of the month Shevat, which is between mid and late February for us.

Kenya:Mother's Day is celebrated here on the last Sunday in June.

Mongolia: In Mongolia there is no Mother's Day, but a parent-child day, which is on June 1st. This day is all about family and parents and children have a great day together.

Middle East: In many countries in the Arab world, Mother's Day coincides with the beginning of spring on March 21st.

Norway: The Norwegians are early and celebrate their mothers on the 2nd Sunday in February.

Russia: There is an official day (last Sunday in November), but traditionally women in Russia receive gifts on International Women's Day on March 8th.

Spain: In Spain, Mother's Day is celebrated on the 1st Sunday in May. There, the mother receives presents from the children and is often invited by the family to dinner in order to be pampered.

Thailand: In the Asian country, Mother's Day is celebrated on the same day as Queen Sirikit's birthday, August 12th.

UNITED STATES: In the United States, Mother's Day falls on the 2nd Sunday in May, as in Germany. There this day was invented by Anna Jarvis, who originally wanted to hold a celebration in honor of her late mother. It was celebrated for the first time on May 10, 1908.

When is Mother's Day in Germany, Austria, Switzerland? The calendar

This year, Mother's Day stands out in GermanySunday May 9th 2021. This date is not only valid for all federal states, but also for Austria and the Switzerland. All three countries celebrate the holiday on the same day every year - namely on 2nd Sunday in May. Here is an overview of the calendar:

Mother's Day 2021May 9thSunday18
Mother's Day 20228th of MaySunday18
Mother's Day 2023May 14thSunday19
Mother's Day 202412th of MaySunday19
Mother's Day 2025May 11thSunday19
Mother's Day 202610th of MaySunday19
Mother's Day 2027May 9thSunday18
Mother's Day 2028May 14thSunday19
Mother's Day 2029May 13thSunday19
Mother's Day 203012th of MaySunday19
Mother's Day 2031May 11thSunday19

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