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Technical report

Hello dear trainee news readers,

my name is Jonas Stadermann. I am 23 years old and work at the BENTELER Automotive plant in Corby, England.
I was asked to write a short report for this issue of Trainee News so that you can get an impression of my stay in Corby.

But first briefly about my background: In June 2015 I successfully completed my training as an electronics technician at BENTELER and then got the opportunity to go to England for a year. Since July of this year I have been living with Jannis Oelmann (also a former BENTELER trainee) on an old farm in the country, about 15 minutes by car from the BENTELER plant.

Corby is a small industrial town in Central England and has a population of around 55,000. The city is known to some extent for its racetrack, the Rockingham Motor Speedway, and the "Corby Cube", which includes a library and two theaters. Otherwise the city can be compared with a typical German small town, apart from the left-hand traffic and other British peculiarities.

At the moment I am employed in the electrical engineers' department for system maintenance. My tasks include maintaining machines and systems, installing electronic control systems and monitoring the functionality of these areas. But my work area is not limited to the typical tasks of an electronics technician: Robots, hydraulic and pneumatic pressure systems and of course mechanical machines are now part of my everyday work.

At first it was a little difficult for me to understand my colleagues' accents. In the meantime, however, I am well used to it, which was not least due to the open and absolutely friendly way my work colleagues treated me, so that I was able to overcome small language barriers quickly and quickly felt comfortable in my new environment.
My free time and the weekends are usually quite varied. Together with Jannis Oelmann (former commercial trainee) and other former trainees from Germany, we often explore the local area and occasionally drive across the country and visit somewhat larger cities in England.

In summary, my stay in Great Britain so far has been exciting, instructive and also funny for me, to which the British humor has certainly contributed. I can only recommend you to take the plunge and spend a year or even a few months abroad. In any case, it has not harmed any of us so far.

Cheers and greetings to Germany,

Jonas Stadermann