Buddha was perfect after attaining enlightenment

Buddha Quotes: 11 Wisdoms of the Founder of Buddhism

Anyone who is interested in the Buddha's worldview does not have to commit to Buddhism straight away. Even simple Buddha quotes and sayings can help to better master the countless challenges of everyday life. 11 pieces of wisdom on different areas can be found here.

Siddharta Gautama attains enlightenment

Over 2500 years ago, a young nobleman who set out to understand human nature attained enlightenment. Through wandering, sharing and meditation, Siddharta Gautama had succeeded in making his mind completely free. He became the Buddha, the enlightened one. From then on he completely focused on passing on his precious experiences. To this day, Buddha's teachings have remained in the collective consciousness of the world - they have thus successfully passed the most important test of all, the test of time.

Buddha Quotes: Thoughts on Thought

Buddha explained, taught and wrote down his wisdom to enable posterity to find his way to enlightenment. The main goal of the Buddha was to overcome human suffering. His solution: think differently. Because only from the thoughts of the people their world arises - and with it their suffering. Quotations from the Buddha often address the thoughts themselves:

  • You will be tomorrow what you think today.
  • Often one does not think of holding back oneself; but whoever thinks about it lets the anger cool down.
  • If you want to know who you were then look who you are. If you want to know who you are going to be then see what you are doing.
  • The noblest way to gain knowledge is through thought and reflection. The simplest way is by imitation and the bitterest way is by experience.

Buddha Quotes: Living Without Suffering

Buddha was sure that only attachment, in any form, can lead to suffering. Who frees his mind from a way of thinking of having and owning becomes free - he does not experience suffering, but only the pure happiness of being, of the moment, so the doctrine. People are attached (in their thoughts) not only to material goods, but also to other people, to ideas of how something should be, to expectations. They collect things that are nicely valued, and avoid things that are badly classified.

Many Buddha quotes accordingly revolve around letting go, about consciously lingering in the moment:

  • Only those who love nothing and hate nothing do not wear shackles.
  • Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future. Focus on the present moment.
  • You can only lose what you cling to.
  • Leave your mistakes and worries behind. Don't drag them around with you.

Buddha quotes about happiness

Happiness - this apparently magical state, which we are still looking for today, was what Siddharta Gautama's contemporaries strived for. For Buddha, happiness is not a goal, but a path. Charity, letting go, reflecting, becoming aware of one's own responsibility - for Buddha, the enlightened one, these are just some of the way stones on the journey through a life full of happiness.

In numerous Buddha wisdoms, the concept of happiness is the focus - three examples here:

  • Happiness never gets less when you share it.
  • Learn to let go, this is the key to happiness.
  • Give up on winning and losing - and find happiness.