Can a person become smarter through hypnosis?

"Your conscious mind is clever, but your subconscious is a thousand times smarter." (Milton Erickson)

  • Hypnosis puts you in a trance. Trance is a possible, completely natural state of human consciousness that is associated with altered brain activity. This state differs significantly from the waking state but also from the sleeping state.
  • In the state of trance, attention is focused on your inner world. The external reality (noises etc.) is largely hidden.
  • There are different trance depths. Achieving deep trance is trainable to some extent. However, deep trance is not always necessary to work effectively.
  • Hypnosis has as many uses as there are problems in life. No matter whether you want to quit smoking or want to reduce your weight, whether you have sleep problems, finally want to reduce your pain or want to relax really deeply again. Regardless of whether it is about fear, excessive demands, nightmares or a self-esteem deficit: Hypnosis is a very gentle and very efficient method that uses the client's self-healing powers and mobilizes their own resources.
  • As part of good hypnosis, you should feel understood, safe and well supported at all times.
  • The goal of good hypnosis is to make you feel better, more stable and more confident. Your conviction that your problem is solvable and that you can actively do something to solve your problem will grow. Inner resources and skills are activated.
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